By unlolable4321 - 28/04/2009 21:51 - United States

Today, my mother sent a letter to my best friend trying to comfort her over the death of her mother. She signed the letter "LOL, Jen" thinking LOL stood for "lots of love." FML
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lol thats pretty funny, but at least your mom had good intentions


idk why but i find that hilarious. imagine saying good bye in person and instead of saying bye u said lol. roflcopter. roflcopter indeed.

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this is why old people need to stop trying to be "cool"

actually OP, your mom is technically correct. LOL meant "Lots of love" before the meaning was changed on the internet.

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How hard is it to say "lots of love" in a letter to someone who has had a death in the family. Come on.

Lol back in the early 2000's actually stood for lots of love. You can actually look it up.

lol thats pretty funny, but at least your mom had good intentions

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that's actually what LOL meant back in the day. that's why lots of older people say that a lot.

O god that sucks. Your mom need some interwebz lessonz

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How is your life ****** because of this? Shouldn't it be FMML? (**** my mom's life)

More like fmfl ( **** my friends life).

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lol acctually stands for a LOT of different things, not just laugh out loud. google it, honestly it can stand for lots of love. she should probably explain herself to your friend though.

yeah, lol used to stand for lots of love

# 5: i think its more of a FTOPFL (f*** the OP's friend's life) lol but dnt worry my parents dnt even know there is an lol.

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LMAO!!! Damn... that sucks... more like **** your FRIEND'S life, but still funny as all hell... hahaha