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messed up stuff ... sorry to hear that, sexyredhead.

And you had to read it out loud? Sucks. FYL.


messed up stuff ... sorry to hear that, sexyredhead.

pretty mean teacher... obviously very lonely.

Redheads do NOT have a soul, no wonder she had to read it out loud. Lol. :)

its except!! so much for a grammer nazi!

wow.. you should have lit bag full if poop on his door step

Pretty mean Teacher? She couldn't know that was a break-up letter, it could have ended cute:)

And you had to read it out loud? Sucks. FYL.

Me too.. what kind of teacher would make someone read that out loud? Especially on Valentine's Day..

the teacher might not have know what it said, and was trying to have her read it out loud thinking it said I love you or something.

well she didnt have to readit out loud she could have said no and for tht i say YDI but FYL because you got dumped on Valentines and all your classmates found out

I am going to let this one go by me, even though I am a grammar Nazi. I am not going to correct you because I can actually read your comment perfectly. Accept for a few spelling mistakes, missed commas and periods.

^^ *Except ;-)

#63 if you really are a grammar Nazi you're the worst one ever you had 2 sentences stop trying to seem smarter than you are it's pointless and stupid and I know this isn't a full sentence but I'm not a grammar Nazi just people who say they are and judge people for not having good spelling and punctation and then make several errors drive me insane

#63,* if you really are a Grammar* Nazi you're the worst one I've* ever seen*. You* had 2 sentences. Stop* trying to seem smarter than you are.* It's* pointless and stupid;* I know this isn't a full sentence but I'm not a Grammar* Nazi.* It's just that*** people who say they are and judge people for not having good spelling and punctuation*, and then make several errors themselves,* drive me insane.* Yes, they're called hypocrites and they drive everyone else insane too. There's your comment, all corrected for you. FYI, the dude you're bitching at is not a real Grammar Nazi.

68 you fucked up trying to be grammar Nazi, and trying correcting someones comment. Any number ten and under should be spelled out. So it's Two* sentences. I just fucking hate grammar Nazis.

You just fucked up big time, 73. I can't even be bothered fixing that.

73- Typing a number instead of the word is still appropriate, idiot.

You claim to be a Grammar Nazi. Well from a grammar stand point no it isn't.

You're trying to correct me yet your sentences aren't perfect either, you know. I have always been taught/told that it is appropriate to do so, and in writing papers and such I have never been penalized for such a thing. If it was truly an inappropriate thing to do in the world of grammar, I would have been penalized for it and/or told that it was wrong. The only thing regarding that which applies to this is the fact that you need to remain consistent; if you start writing the word for the number out, you need to continue that, and vice versa.

81--I don't know that people really care enough to mark off for it. Growing up, I was always taught that any number less than 10 should be spelled out and if it was greater than 10, then the number should be used instead.

I signed in to comment on this. I for one don't care to much about grammar. I did learn and was taught by several teachers to always spell out anything ten and under. I was penalized for using numbers. Just saying.

Gosh, that's awful.. I would've read the whole thing first to myself before reading it out loud.. What an asshole boyfriend you had, breaking up like that. I'm sorry for you, OP. :(

what is OP ? lol :P

Orifice Pulverizer

#87 - It's actually "Original Poster". I think.

Why didn't you just make something up?! Even if you're not creative, a "Happy Valentine's Day" would have sufficed.

OP that's terrible. And on Valentine's day! Just buy a chocolate box, replace the chocolate with laxatives, and have fun watching.

...And none for Gretchen Wieners, apparently.

you go, glen coco!

you just suddenly became cool to me

Bahahahaha! epic comment.

haha I love it!!

Why would you read it out loud in the first place if it was that personal who cares what the teacher says to do in that situation.

There is a silver lining here. If he was a big enough dick to send you a rose to break up with you on Valentine's Day in the middle of school, would you want to spend another second with that kind of person?

That's a real punk-ass way to end it with you Go stab him in the eye with the rose stem lol

nice solution wiseguy :D

Wow, you must feel like you were shot in the heart with an arrow. Sorry to hear that.

By Cupid!!! :D :D ...too soon?