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So many bad jokes to this comment...lol. The one I instantly thought of, Is that if OP has to do this more than once they can say "Oops I spilled it again." like Britney Spears. I'll withhold the others LOL.


As a woman, that's nasty. I would force her into the shower and wash her myself if I had to. I would just wear protective gear so I wouldn't have to touch that nasty shit that might possibly be growing between her thighs.

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As a woman, once a month you should pay even more attention to your hygiene.. -.- yuk. You can get sick if you don't clean yourself! And the smell... The smell.. *gags*


Who knows, she might not shower for 4 months now. Anyways op, maybe you should have a talk with her about hygiene and maybe you can compromise with weekly to bi-weekly showers...it's a start

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