By I hate nasty people - 05/04/2012 16:18 - United States - South Bend

Today, my new roommate took a shower. This would be a good thing, except for the fact that it's apparently taken her two months just to take this one. I have to live with her for another year. FML
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Matty1188 6

Sorry, OP. That stinks.

Tell her she needs to shower more. Otherwise you're going to start spilling buckets of water and soap on her every morning.


Matty1188 6

Sorry, OP. That stinks.

Well at least she took one.

JustDerpin 11

that's so punny!

Birdie_Sage 0

For now, enjoy the freshness while you still can.


allthatandmore 0

Legit too

Look at it on the bright side, you guys are saving on the water bill

Why don't you ask her to join aquacize with you? At least its daily contact with water... Yeah, I know, I spelled aquacize wrong.

#44 *bu dum tssss

Time to get the hose out!

One of my buddies has his sister living with him. She never bathes. You can smell her 30 feet away. Time for the fire hose and bleach.

And maybe some Windex

sillycart 9

^ Windex fixes everything.

Tell her she needs to shower more. Otherwise you're going to start spilling buckets of water and soap on her every morning.

So many bad jokes to this The one I instantly thought of, Is that if OP has to do this more than once they can say "Oops I spilled it again." like Britney Spears. I'll withhold the others LOL.


I would do that very thing.

That is pretty disgusting and I hope that changes because I personally would not be able to deal with that.

As a woman, that's nasty. I would force her into the shower and wash her myself if I had to. I would just wear protective gear so I wouldn't have to touch that nasty shit that might possibly be growing between her thighs.

That's nasty for anybody...

But at least she's showering though. Ya her timing does suck, but at least she's still showering.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

One shower every two months is good enough because "at least" she showers? WTF? That's disgusting as hell.

As a woman, once a month you should pay even more attention to your hygiene.. -.- yuk. You can get sick if you don't clean yourself! And the smell... The smell.. *gags*

I never said it was good enough, but every 2 months is better than never

MizzErikaHart 8

Who knows, she might not shower for 4 months now. Anyways op, maybe you should have a talk with her about hygiene and maybe you can compromise with weekly to bi-weekly's a start

Well time to take out the trash... No pun intended eh well I tried anyway least she showers

There was no pun.

"it's time to clean up this mess" is a pun.

"shower? I hardly know her!"

I don't understand how some people can even feel perfectly fine with bad hygiene in the first place O.o

especially women. shit would get nasty :

51- I would feel like a giant grease ball. I don't want to even imagine the hell she puts her area through...

Enjoy the decent smell while you can OP, or get a new roommate

sillycart 9

Buy her a water bed then when she is asleep pop it and dump soap on her. Lol that would be funny!

Two months without a shower? The bacteria living on her have probably evolved into a higher life form!

They're probably building vehicles capable of traveling to other worlds.

fuckmebutdontfml 16

Even hobos shower more often and they don't have the commodity of their own shower