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  rhysfucker  |  24

Have you been peeking in my basement windows? I didn't think anyone knew about the shrine.

(The body lotion has some DMSO and chloral hydrate, so as soon as she puts it on she'll be knocked out. Don't tell..)

Just kidding folks!

  DjeePee  |  24

Oh yeah, it is weird. OP is not his dead wife, so he should not expect her to smell like her, because then, whenever he smells the odor of the bodylotion, he will think of his dead wife and not of his living girlfriend. And that's not oké. She didn't became his girlfriend to be a living memory to his wife.

But maybe we think too much of it, maybe he found that bottle and thought that it was better to gave it to his girlfriend instead of throwing it away. Maybe he's just cheap, dunno.

  dancinwookie  |  21

#40 Damn you for pointing that out LOL! It DOES look like Ronald. I was disappointed with the anime character myself. They need to bring back the McFry guys.