By katelynm - 08/02/2013 06:24 - United States

Today, I pointed out to my boyfriend how Valentine's day, my birthday, and our one-year anniversary were all coming up in the next few weeks. He then promptly broke up with me. FML
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He broke your heart the same way you would've broken his wallet :p

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I know that some guys can't handle the stress of special days, but jeez...


He broke your heart the same way you would've broken his wallet :p

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38- I despise it when people do that. Why can't people be honest about not having the money to do anything and just make something or cook a really good dinner and watch a movie.

My favorite anniversaries/birthdays/v-day's are when I spent it alone, with my boyfriend, at home, just the 2 of us, with a fancy homemade meal, being romantic.

55, Maybe it's because they do have the money, and their partner knows it, but they just don't want to spend it.

38- Man, that's just pathetic. I just played my boyfriend a meaningful song on the piano, because he knows I'm broke and he understands. And he appreciated it.

My uncle has had multiple girlfriends but mostly he breaks up with them during "the red zone" the time between Christmas and valentines day

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I know that some guys can't handle the stress of special days, but jeez...

So true but what a cheap ass butthead! You deserve better than that.

If he wouldn't even talk to you to arrange something (like 'let's not celebrate Valentine's Day and let me get you our anniversarypresent another time') he wasn't worth it anyway.

You can still celebrate Valentine's Day without getting your partner expensive jewelry or something. My boyfriend and I are just going to make dinner together since we don't have a lot of money. The guy could have just written a poem or picked some flowers for goodness' sake.

If you have to get the person you're with a present every holiday, I'll just stay single. Unless the person is understanding about money, then simply spending time together is enough, or crafting something.

Who knows? OP might be the type of person who wants something every special event and her boyfriend knew that. The only way to keep his money in his pants was to break up with her.

Or to tell her that he could not afford to spend that much money. Breaking up only shows what a coward he is. I am in OP's case as my b-day is a few days before Valentine's day. As many have said, there is no need to spend a fortune on each occasion. My fiancé and I are gonna go out for my b-day and and we will cook a meal together for Valentine's day. Expensive does not mean make the occasion special.

Some times that doesn't work though. I've had a girl break up for me just because I couldn't give her present on valentines day. I even told her that it may have to wait. I told her I would give it to her anyways and when I did she tried to get back together with me. Some people just want their presents.

"I've had a girl break up for me just because I couldn't give her present on valentines day." And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why fourteen-year-old girls are not very decent relationship material.

That's all lot of dates to remember . And presents to buy. But you don 't have to be a ass and break it off because you can't.

No it's not... All three occurrences happen on the same day, so it's actually easier for Op to remember

The FML states that it happens in the next couple of weeks. Not that they are on the same day.

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Actually they're not on the same day. The FML says "in the next few weeks", making it sound like they're close together, but not on the same day.

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This reminds me of guys who buy a big screen TV just for the Super Bowl and return it right after. He'll prolly want you back when those events have passed.

My ex-boyfriend did that. Don't go back to him, OP.

It's his fault for choosing the worst time to ask you out in the first place, and he probably didn't like you that much anyways!!

You must be great at comforting people.

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He asked her out almost a year ago. Read the fml please.

To 26) while you're correct that 6 is a bit of an asshole, you sir, are even worse. An arrogant asshole. If the bf asked op out 1 year ago, valentines day and her b-day would have been on the same days. 6's insensitive point still stands, you're just a dumbass. Use some common sense please.

If you want to keep a girlfriend, you have to give up your life savings, tough choice.

Not true at all! All real women actually want is to be told we are beautiful and are loved :) I'd pick a cute night in just spending time together on valentines than jewellery any day :D

That's total bull, what kind of girls have you been with? Girls want to feel beautiful, have fun & laugh. You don't have to spend a lot all the time. Sometimes it's nice to do free things like hike & take pictures, free museum exhibits, visit UC campuses, go to the park, stay home & watch movies, or go to friends houses etc.

#7, you need to pick better women then. This isn't true of the entire gender.

I'd kill a guy if he spent a lot of money on me. (Not literally) I'm the type of girl who is fine with notes, inexpensive things, or nothing at all and just cuddling on the couch and watching movies. You seem to have been with the materialistic ones

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Not all women are gold diggers, as others have said. I would be happy just spending time in with my boyfriend. Maybe cook dinner together and watch a movie. Material things are just that...material.

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He doesn't deserve you anyway :( what a jerk.

What if he broke up with her because she is horrible to him, or cheats on him?

@76 then he wouldnt of waited so long to break up with her

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Was there a glowing look of greed and anticipation on op's face? Perhaps an accompanying list of gift demands? So many questions, so few answers.

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Yea i mean, what if op's actually someone who thinks they deserve to get hundreds of dollars worth of gifts?

It's at least worth a discussion. If all those occasions fall in a short period of time, they should discuss how they're going to celebrate them. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, but they're all worth acknowledging.

He may not have been able to purchase you gifts for each day but breaking it off was an asshole thing to do. FYL.