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  stephanie0613  |  0

Ughh you deserve it for giving him head while he's driving. God i fuckin hate irresponsible drivers, how the hell can you drive right when your about to bust nd then bust ? that's so rediculous ! YFDI.


She didn't cause the crash- he did. She didn't rape him- he either asked for it or she offered and he accepted. Either way, he implicitly said that he could safely operate a motor vehicle while receiving fellatio and oops, guess what? He was wrong. He closed his eyes. He lost control of the vehicle. It would be same if anything else distracted him- a distraction does not relieve the DRIVER of the vehicle of responsibility. He shouldn't have said he could handle it if he couldn't. It was his fault.

  TheTigerRoars  |  0

Cause we sleep all the time and usually run faster than are food does. But I'm sure you all will catch up to those burgers soon. jk jk hahaha. I love to make chubby jokes.
-Fluffy McTiger

  GraysonIsFail  |  0

86; Please just YouTube women trying to park their cars. Seriously, men need to learn how to drive? She was giving him head. she got down and sucked it, I doubt he did some amazing standing flip and flopped into her mouth while he driving. D;.

By  bee182  |  5

but how did your father know? You could have just said we were in a car crash.... unless you told your dad or in the crash ur head was Stuck to his manly bits!

  FantasticFin  |  0

no, cause why would they crash if her dad was driving? she said 'he closed his eyes as he came' about her boyfriend and why would she be giving him road head if her dad was in the car?

  afdude87  |  6

cause what's better while driving than getting head? and even if it's not appealing it's for the other person not you.. I'd give 'road licks' or whatever if i could/she wanted me to.

  bittersweets  |  2

It's not about if road head is great or not. There's no accounting for taste. But it certainly endangers the driving style and therefore both (or rather all) people in the car and all innocent people in the cars around.

The op should be glad nobody's hurt and be smarter the next time.

So it's not FYL, it's FY!

  InDenial  |  6

Boyfriend calls 911:

Operator: What seems To be the problem?
Boyfriend: My girlfriend was giving me head and we had a little...accident.
Operator: Are there any injuries?
Boyfriend: Ok wait let me check...OMG!
Operator: What is it!?
Boyfriend: It seems my dick Is impaled through my girlfriends head!
Operator: Ok, we take fake 911 calls very seriously, I'm ringing the police. *Hangs Up*
Boyfriend: Noooooo!

  cufaoil  |  11

I was thinking the same thing
good thing she was relaxed and didn't brace herself for impact.... that would have included the clenching of teeth