By hozzyandie - Ireland
Today, at the office, everyone in my department swapped secret santa presents. I bought the guy whose name I picked a DVD box-set of his favorite TV series. One of my friends got a fancy make up kit. Another got a pack of posh notebooks. I got a toilet plunger. FML
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  KaySL  |  24

Yeah but to be fair, last time someone used a plunger on their own face, it was you, and you ended up with the lovely makeover you're sporting now. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm your faithful servant, death to the mudbloods, please don't kill me, etc. etc.

  wjjq13  |  0

i agree no one is that mean on the 12th

  Doortje  |  29

Voldie, you're really disappointing me. Do you take pleasure in making women super horny and then refrain from any contact? You promised you would come tonight (in more than one way, too!), you promised! :'(