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Today, my boyfriend gave me a $100 gift card for Victoria's Secret. Suspicious, I checked the receipt he'd left in the bag. Turns out he had bought it during the 2 weeks we were broken up for some other girl who rejected him, so decided to give it to me instead. FML
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XxgreymoonxX 8

What a jerk! Buy like the sexiest lingerie they have and show him. Then say 'too bad you'll never see me wearing them ;D' then kick to the curb :3

Achall91 17

Dress up in it, show him, then ask if you look okay because you want to impress your new boyfriend.


Damn that's messed up to know he could get over you do quickly, but on the bright side new panties!

CatNipple 1

Damn bitch, don't complain, if you're that mad, spend the $100 and dump him.

BarDownDaily 12

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damn! that sucks! dump his ass!!!! & keep the panties!!

11- wth?! o_O

chane1100 6

Us guys sure do love seeing our girls in new panties...:)

Depends on who broke it off. If he did to try and get a piece of ass, that's messed up, big time. If she did, and he was just trying to get some rebound sex.. that's understandable. Regifting and actually telling her it was for another girl in the first place.. he's a ****** idiot.

oops_im_fucked 8

Well what do you want him to do about it, throw It away?

83, did 'Friends' teach you nothing about being on a break!?

TheBrianWing 0

Exactly, 95. Way to turn a positive situation into something to bitch about. Maybe just take the damn gift and not be suspicious just bacuase it's nice?

X_Codes 11

@115 Reading this has given me insight into my usual complaints about women who complain about their boyfriends. Just shut up, take the present, and stay with this guy. You two seriously deserve one another.

bamagrl410 31

Well if you're that unhappy with your boyfriend then 1) Leave boyfriend 2) Keep gift card 3) ???? 4) Profit

What I don't understand is why people are upset about giving her the gift card. If it were an actual gift, then fair enough, but a gift card, is just like cash but that you only use at one store? I just don't see it as being the same thing.

No offense but you are not exactly thwarting people away with that mesmerizing picture. Stop being a hater and enjoy life Hunny Bunny! Sincerely, Cody (Cojangles)

And also I'm an fml noob, how do I send messages to people...not just replys?

How is this so upsetting? He bought something, and the person who he planned it for refused it. Would you have expected him to throw it away? That's a waste of $100. Now, if he broke up with you just to get with her, that's something to be upset at. But not the gift card.

What a jerk! I hate reused un-meaningful gifts :| but then again.. Don't jump to conclusions.. Maybe he was thinking of you during the breakup and got it? -.- aaaanndd u do have a gift card to victorias secrets so... GO ENJOY ;P

i think you should go get something really sexy then show him what he can't have

It's just like cash. "Sorry I didn't spend this 100 dollar bill on the last girl is it okay if I spend it on you?" sounds dumb. Besides we want girls in new panties as older panties are yucky.

Omg someone else that thought that immediately too!!

104, you have a valid point. I haven't seen that show in years lol

K. First of all, if Op was not with her boyfriend during the two weeks, it doesn't matter what the hell he bought for another girl. Since she didn't except it, he kept it. Then when they got back together, he gave it to Op. What are you so mad about?

You people who are saying what he did was bad are all retarded. Wtf was he supposed to do with the card.... Throw it out?... Morons.

Wow nice boyfriend you got there

Well, I wish my boyfriend would give me a $100 gift card for Victoria's Secret.

1221jamw 11

I feel like most girls wouldn't care if it was for them or not :p

92, I would just cut the card up if he'd bought it for some other girl. A family member that didn't want it? Not so bad (although I doubt a brother would buy his sister underwear...) but intentionally for another girl for her to wear in bed with him?... come to think of it I'd do more than just cut it up!

$100 of VS, sorry you're crazy if you don't take it. And for Miss Preacher up there ^ regift it!

#61 I'm sure OP would like that too. What OP doesn't like and I suspect that you would not either, is the fact that OPs bf tried getting it on with another girl in the 2week break they had.

hawaiianfire 0

This would be a legitimate FML if he bought $100 worth of panties instead. Re-gifting a gift card is like re-gifting cash there's no sentimental value over it. OP... Get over it.

155, Except guys dont have the same emotional attachment to sex as do girls. You may not like it, but you're going to have to learn to accept it. He probably did what most guys do after they end a relationship, embrace the freedom. The only way this sucks for her is if he took her back only because the other girl rejected him. That would be a real reason to be upset.

XxgreymoonxX 8

What a jerk! Buy like the sexiest lingerie they have and show him. Then say 'too bad you'll never see me wearing them ;D' then kick to the curb :3

That's such a mean thing to do! ... Do it.

I knew those ponies were evil...

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Who gives a flying **** it's 100 dollars free you should be happy.

People will sacrifice morals and self-respect for money any day! Never mind the truth behind such gestures...oooh it's 100 dollars pshsh -_-

jab7769 8

What part of the fml is everyone missing they were broken up. She said it right there so I mean whatever he did and she did don't mean anything cause the relationship was tech over. So to be fair everyone is mad at the guy who not only got rejected once but twice in a two week period.

cajekraze 7

OP is a BITCH! The guy should run

That is exactly what i was thinking when i read this.

Accepting an expensive gift knowing you don't want anything to do with the guy after you use it? Way to make yourself the bigger asshole in the story.

Achall91 17

Dress up in it, show him, then ask if you look okay because you want to impress your new boyfriend.

God, why? Why suggesting that she, as revenge, should (pretend to) cheat on him, while he didn't cheat on her? Hello, the relationship was over, he was free to try to get in the pants of other ladies. Yes, he tried it way too fast, but I bet he isn't the only one in the world who wants a rebound asap after a break-up. Here some real advice for the OP: dump him. Your relationship ended for a reason, I don't think it's now going to get better.

TheEpicMilkMan 13

^ you should become a therapist lol everytime i see your comments they're pretty honest and true :D

That's probably why he left you in the first place, you don't know how to be thankful instead of being skeptical all the time.

MissHayleyJames 7

It depends on why they broke up in the first place and honestly, if my man and I ever split up, if he ****** another chick that fast there'd be no chance of getting back together whatsoever.

210, Good for you, nobody said she should stay with him, they said taking his money like that is a douche move.

MissHayleyJames 7

How is taking his money a douche move when HE GAVE IT TO HER? When you give someone a gift card, it's not your money anymore.

247, Because the conditions of the gift have changed. He gave it to her in good faith that they were together, after which she used said gift to end the relationship and therefore - much like an engagement ring - needs to give it back. You aren't entitled to his money under false pretenses.

What was suspicious about him giving you a gift though? Unless you had JUST gotten back together?

Maybe it's that she never shops there and found the gift unusual. That's the impression I got.

What girl doesn't shop at VS?! But yeah that may be true. Room for interpretation.

missamerica95 0

I hit "YDI" as soon as I read "my boyfriend gave me a $100 gift card to Victoria's Secret. Suspicious, I checked the receipt." If you can't handle getting a gift without trying to investigate and snoop to see if said boyfriend has been up to no good, you guys should have stayed broken up. Mistrust and false allegations will kill even the strongest of relationships. Women tend to over think everything and analyze even the smallest of details, turning what could have been a nice gift into a fight/breakup. In this case, I think YDI.

Maybe she was checking that it actually had $100 on it. Probably didn't understand such a random pricey giftcard

15 this girl right here has never bought anything at that store. It's so damn expensive and I don't need a push up bra or an over priced thong or bikini. I'd rather spend my money on something else my bf and I can enjoy together and that is video games!

Or maybe because he isn't normally the gift giving type? I think I'd find it suspicious if my boyfriend all of a sudden spent that much on me if he hadn't bought me something like that before! Saying this, there are always two sides, maybe he wanted to get back with her and realised he'd been an idiot and didn't know what to get her to try and get the relationship back on track, some guys struggle so they put a lot of money on a gift card (which isn't a bad thing because the girl can get something that fits and is to both his and her taste!)

Same thoughts. I'd side with him on that fight

15 - I don't shop there...

imcutefml 0

88 is a win

amandajlucas2015 2

U say bras are expensive.. Video games are just about the same price so in all reality ur just trying To cover up ur insecurities so get over urself and stop bein a child ad go buy a nice bra.. U never know ur sex life mite improve along with ur insecureness

^probably shouldn't be calling someone a child if you can't even spell. Also, VS is overpriced. Why would I spend $60 on a bra? I've gotten some very nice bras on sale for under $20 from various lingerie stores.

MiniNyn 5

141 - She just said she would rather spend it on video games. I agree with her, VS is over priced. There is great stuff elsewhere for better prices. VS isn't the only store that you could possibly get something sexy from. Idk where the hell you got her being insecure from... She admitted to wanting video games over pricy, sexy clothing! That's a girl who is secure in who she is. Sexy sensible gamer girls, unite!

missymay993 11

141 Um, wow. I'm sensing a little insecurity from you if you're attacking a girl that jus likes video games. And maybe sex isn't always on her mind, you *****. God, I hate humanity.

141- You have the reasoning capabilities of a superficial 11 year old girl. Please think your responses through before you spew stupid shit into the reply box. First of all, she said Victoria's Secret bras are expensive and that she's rather spend the money she would have spent on an expensive bra on something both she and her boyfriend enjoy: video games. This is understandable, considering no one gives a **** what the label on your bra says. I would have forgiven you for your misunderstanding, but then you had to go and mention "insecurities". Where the **** did you pull that out of? If anyone here has insecurities, it certainly wouldn't be the woman who says she doesn't need name brand push-up bras to make her feel "sexy". It seems as of you didn't know how to take a simple response in which someone had a different opinion than you (on something as trivial as bra preference, no less), so you decided to start a stupid fight and make the middle-school equivalent of an arguement by telling her that she has insecurities (which, by the way, has nothing to do with anything and has no basis in her response).

I Guess Victoria didn't keep his secret.

I see what you did there ;D

Pooh? D: what has happened to you?

bizarre_ftw 21

Use it, then dumb him. (assuming, of course, that this kind of asshole move is typical of him)

Um @8 u said dumb instead of dump

You said "u" instead of "you."

bizarre_ftw 21

Touch screens suck, sue me

The B-key isn't even close enough to the P-key for you to be able to blame it on a touch screen.

killer176671 0

You forgot a period, number 91.

TheEpicMilkMan 13

As for the dump/dump scenario she probably clicked on the wrong predicted work like I do sometimes, but on the other hand I don't agree with the comment, It's idiotic.

Whoops! Didn't mean to thumb you down, 131.

bizarre_ftw 21

177 - yeah, that, in fact, is what I did. As far as it being idiotic goes: eh, it kinda is. Oh well, you win some, you lose some, saying something dumb isn't the worst thing in the world, plus FMLers have someone to chew out - a practice they most obviously enjoy very much Also, 171, I most certainly did not forget a period - I actively chose not to place one there as it felt unnecessary and stiff *no period* ^_^ And for the hell of it, as I clearly lost any hope of winning here a couple comments back, #s 186 & 10, I freaking Love your profile pics. Good day gentlegnomes

TheEpicMilkMan 13

you are very kind miss.

bizarre_ftw 21

Thank you :)

He's stupid for leaving the receipt.

I, obviously, don't know about the policies for Victoria Secrets but don't some places have to have the receipt with the card as proof of purchase?

I wasn't meaning to sound like I challenged, it was a genuine question. Over in the UK if you've bought a gift card, you have to bring the receipt to the store to proof it's valid or to activate it.

At least you get to spend $100 at Victoria's Secret...

What was he supposed to do, throw it out?

Receiving "left overs" is still not good, he could have at least gave it as an extra with a gift, not as a gift

Can we all just agree that the gift is ultimately for his benefit? If we can all agree to that then the rest is kind of irrelevant. He didn't give OP a gift initially intended for someone else, because the gift is to himself.

No... but he could have returned it since he still had the receipt and the card was never used.

Doesn't Victoria's Secret have a very strict no-return policy?

Yes. Cards cannot be refunded. :)

Unless he gave it to her for an anniversary, birthday, easter, or other gift, it really doesn't matter. A random act of generosity doesn't have the same stigma attached to it as gifts meant for specific occassions. For instance, if I had access to something from work that I know my girlfriend would like and is being given to me, I would be quite irritated if she refused it on the grounds of it not being intended for her in the first place. It's a gift, get over it.