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Today, was my first day as a male cheerleader in an attempt to flirt. The girls were stronger than me and it's now my job to be thrown in the air by girls. FML
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upallnight11 19

I'm pretty sure the only reason you're upset about this is because now you can't look up a girl's panties as she's getting lifted by you.


Don't let your decisions be influenced by other people!

There are 4 guys on my cheer team and the first couple weeks two of the guys were too weak to catch some of the flyers because they just didn't know much about cheer. But the guys eventually built more muscle and now base and backspot us and can now do one man stunts. Don't worry! It'll work out!

They just want to look up your skirt ;)

iammeorami 25

I guess he was the one being picked up

Joined a cheerleading squad to pick up girls? What is this, "Fired Up?" YDI hahaha

Lol, I'm a male cheerleader and I'm the strongest on my team xD

In an attempt to flirt.... They're going to think you are gay

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upallnight11 19
Gingerette 8

This was a good collab effort, guys. Good game.

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REALAfroninga 11

Haha, yeah, cheering isn't a sport, but it is harder than it looks.

SobrietyKills 14

I love how #131 and #132 have the exact same pose in their pictures. Good show, boys.

Dusty_Busters 15

I would say this fits in my top 5 favorite comments on this site. Thank you...

haha awwww on my cheer teams theres no guys :(

It's probably because none of you are hot. (No offense.)

StompinOnCrayons 15

Or maybe it's because some guys are insecure or not into it ? Seems more likely.

I'm with crayons over here, they are most likely too insecure or not into it. I can see people giving guys a hard time for enjoying cheerleading

cesa12 10

i have one guy on my team, but it's only because his girlfriend is also on the team :o

Because baseball and soccer sounds much better then cheerleading.

Well I'm glad you think playing with balls sounds like a more attractive sport ;)

arandomusernameaa 20

Yeh but Cheerleading is just playing with 2 hairy balls...

Touché... Well played. Well, you heard the man, choose what balls you want to play with because there is no way around it!

arandomusernameaa 20

Unless you play badminton... but then you are playing with cocks...

arandomusernameaa 20

hockey... striking balls with hard wooden sticks...

95 - You can play hockey with a ball. I've never seen anyone play field hockey with a puck. It depends on which type you're playing.

Psh. The only kind that matters is on the ice.

Calculate900 4

28 Dude, you can't say "No offense" after blatantly insulting someone.

arandomusernameaa 20

#95 I'm the dumbass? sorry but in Europe there is Hockey and ICE-hockey, when I hear hockey (minus the ice) I instantly think of normal hockey... That's how Europe works, have some understanding.

28, that was extremely rude of you to say to 6. Just because you say no offense, it doesn't mean you can say whatever you want. Stop being an asshole. She didn't deserve that.

Hmm, so at games people get to watch the male get thrown. Amusing.

C0M1C4L 9
arandomusernameaa 20

Inspiring! although this comment isn't much better :/

Why is that a problem? They work out a lot, of course they're stronger than you. Why is it so bad to be weaker than a group of girls? It would be worse if they were weaker than you, they've been training for some time and you're new. Don't worry, you'll build up that strength eventually. Instead of worrying, be glad that you can rely on them to catch you.

Because most men feel that it threatens their manhood, but you do have an excellent point. You will gain the strength you need eventually from cheerleading or exercising.

I don't know why people are surprised that they're so strong. Cheerleaders THROW PEOPLE and they have to have some serious strength to hold some of their poses. Guys that don't work out aren't going to be stronger than people who do purely because they have balls.

I don't think I would mind being thrown by a bunch of girls. That would mean there or four hot cheerleaders with their hands all over me in front of big crowds. Yeah, that would be fun.

Very true. Better than failing to catch one after being thrown, because you don't have the strength.

I'm pretty sure the only reason you're upset about this is because now you can't look up a girl's panties as she's getting lifted by you.

Well, that and the fact that he probably expects to be stronger than a group of girls because of gender role stereotypes.

Gender stereotypes are actually very true about muscle... It is harder for girls to build muscle then guys because of chemical differences in our bodies... This says that it is harder to be stronger as a girl though, not impossible.

why did you thumbs down that guy? What he said is true. Men do build muscle easier than women. It's a fact. Calm down and maybe try focusing your fake feminism more on actual equality and real gender role problems, and I know it's getting better, and im not some kind of male rights person, I just think that a lot actual facts are denied and frowned upon. I don't think that sharing of these facts are supposed somehow "prove" that one gender is better than the other, as that doesn't make any sense. When you try and make women more powerful than men, your not solving the problem, it's just reversed, and when you call that feminism, you make all the actual feminist groups that work so hard for great causes look bad. Sorry for the rant.

A study was done, the only reason more men are stronger than women is because people assume men are stronger, and so many parents subconsciously make their male children do more sports and activities and their female children do less, so, even though eventually whether or not you do sports is up to you, boys usually get a head start.

"a study was done" wow 10/10 gr8 sourcing that's like a full bibliography

Yeah when girls are being told their entire lives that being smaller is beautiful while men are being told that being bigger is better then there is gonna be some huge differences between gender