By Briscuit - 01/06/2012 21:05 - Canada - New Westminster

Today, I went to the hospital for stomach pains, and was told that it sounds like I have an ovarian cyst. My mom went into a rage, screaming that I'd lied to her about being a virgin. Despite the doctor explaining that sexual activity has nothing to do with it, she refuses to believe him. FML
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Briscuit tells us more.

2- My mother did eventually understand you can get it while still being a virgin. She thought the doctor was covering for me so I wouldn't have to tell her I was sexually active. When we got home we looked up articles and I proved it to her. Either way, I'm still going to be in a crap load of pain when these puppies burst if they decide not to remove them...

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So she believes the doctor's diagnosis but not his explanation? Sorry OP hope your mom comes around soon.

I'm sorry about your mum! Get better soon!


I'm sorry about your mum! Get better soon!

Tell her that you have managed to hold your virginity longer than she did.

Why are there so many dumbasses in this world?

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MODS! It's supposed to be "and was told that" in the first sentence, not "and was that told"

39- I have a suspicion that many of them just aren't real.

I wasn't saying she had sex. I'm saying that her mother is probably overly paranoid because she herself had sex early, in which case op should be proud to have kept it longer than her mother.

40- to keep us normal people amused :)

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Foolish people should not be allowed to have kids. Everyone should have to take a test before they're allowed to procreate.

#40 The same goes to why there are so many injuries in this world.

So she believes the doctor's diagnosis but not his explanation? Sorry OP hope your mom comes around soon.

2- My mother did eventually understand you can get it while still being a virgin. She thought the doctor was covering for me so I wouldn't have to tell her I was sexually active. When we got home we looked up articles and I proved it to her. Either way, I'm still going to be in a crap load of pain when these puppies burst if they decide not to remove them...

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*hugs* Hopefully they get removed, and hope you feel better soon, OP.

Actually the pain tends to improve after they rupture. They usually regress by themselves, and surgery is almost never necessary for young women with ovarian cysts. They are exceedingly common. Ibuprofen and time, my dear.

Finally, we know what has happened AFTER the FML. Most are just cliff hangers and we never know what happens after...

Thanks, Doc. (: I wasn't given a ton of details yet. I have an ultrasound on Monday and they said we'll go from there. That eases my mind a tad! I hope all goes well. :)

That's great about your mom! Still best of luck, my fingers are crossed on you not going through so much pain :)

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I recently had a ruptured ovarian cyst. Worst pain ever. I could hardly walk, I couldn't pee! Anything that had to do with my abdominal muscles hurt. I ended up having surgery to drain the blood and make sure there was no more bleeding. OP I feel your pain. They actually TOLD my mom they thought it was a tubular pregnancy before they found out it was only a cyst. My mom was very upset.

@Briscuit I had a huge ovarian cyst a couple of months ago too! I don't want to scare you, but I went into the emergency room and they had to remove my whole ovary that same day because it was so large and so painful and kept twisting my ovary around. I hope that doesn't happen to you! It's not fun :/

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Holy crap! The actual op replied on her own fml! Never seen that before :) cooool. But then again, most fml's are anonymous because they are really embarrassing. This ones not too bad, I'll bet everything turns out fine :)

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Hey Doc, I was just wondering: is covering for the patient and lying to the parent legal? It just seems like truth would be necessary in this situation, even if OP weren't a virgin.

Been there, OP. I've been on birth control for 4 years to help with it. Good luck!

:) Be sure to explain to the ultrasound technicians that you're looking for ovarian cysts and not a baby. My sister had to get an ultrasound of her arm for some reason, so she went with our mum and I guess the technicians just assumed she was a teenage pregnancy case, so they told her to lie down and put on the gown, and she was like, "why do I need to do that if you're just looking at my arm?"

I may be wrong, but I'm sure the doctor patient confidentiality thing applies if OP were to ask the Doc not to tell. Even though that is not the situation.

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105 - That's what I'd assumed, but I was wondering if the doctor can legally lie to the parents, even if the OP tells them to.

When I had my cysts they were so bad I was doubled over in agonising pain and couldn't walk whenever I got my period. Eventually I went to the doctor, got my ultrasound and they put me on a contraceptive pill. Since then they have completely cleared up! I don't know what the healthcare system is like in Canada but here in the UK we get free contraception. It might be worth asking about because it saved me a whole load of pain! Good luck, I'm glad your mum came round in the end ^.^

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I feel your pain. I had an ovarian cyst when I was still a virgin. Assuming you have surgery I hope it will not be as invasive as mine was (it was too large to treat with meds and deadly if allowed to burst). It sounds like they caught it fairly early. Good luck to you!

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I was in that boat myself a few years ago. I was fortunate enough to have been in no pain during the ordeal. Found it because it was pushing my stomach up and that gave me acid reflux. Doctors said that the pain of it bursting would have probably killed me, and if it didn't the cancer it would have cause certainly would have. I am glad you made it though yours!

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I had a cyst removed when I was 17, it was a large cyst that kept twisting my ovary. After it was removed we found out I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome :/ Good luck op

There is an area called followup where the ops commented

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Your moms slow. How do you tell a certified doctor that he's wrong?

Easy. Hey DocBastard, you're wrong. Lolololol roflcopter!!!11111777!!!

Alot of certified doctors are wrong. Alot of them don't misdiagnosis, misunderstand and mistreat pts. Research can even be faulty sometimes. But for this situation.. The doctor knows what he's talking about.

Great, dude. Next time you go to the doctor's office, he's going to steal your spleen and feed it to me. I don't like Pikachu spleen! It's shockingly disgusting.

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64- I was talking to 33 and 34 (33 mostly) seeing as my comment was after. Defensive much?

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Hey, here's a shocker for you, Harpy20! #34 and #64 were THE SAME GUY. So yes, he has every right to be defensive when you attack his comment. Also, whoever you were attempting (and failing) to communicate with, that comment was rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. Personal attacks are unnecessary and uncalled for, and overall, you're being a bitch. (Your duckface profile pic isn't helping your case.) You have no ground to stand on, so why don't you just leave?

141- I really appreciate the help... But I'm not a boy :0

Your mother is an idiot. Luckily for the rest of us, you seem like you aren't following her batshit trail.

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Dont call her an idiot just cuz she's white damn racists nowadays. Shame on you Shaniqua!

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Oh god those are horrific... So I'm guessing she won't allow the birth control that treats it?

iselinzilla 4

Probably not. The American republicans say taking birth control makes you a *****. And BTW, you are from Canada? How did you get health care in Canada? They told us you had socialized medicine and everybody just died on the side of the road. Huh. Go figure.

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Uhh...My profile specifically says "SoCal, United States"... Sooo I guess I can't answer your question there buddy

Well Op your mom is an idiot. Hope you feel better.

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Maybe if you find an article online she'll believe it. You know, because everything you read on the internet is true.

I'm watching you. Wow, you're right! Everything on the internet is true!

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Hmm... if what you said is true, then everything on the internet, including this post, must be true! But, I will never know, because I don't even know if this one is. Confusing, right? Think about it.

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In that case... I just won a million dollars! :D

Ugh those hurt like hell.. I'm sorry. What an idiotic woman.

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Oops I didn't think my comment posted...

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She should be more worried about the cyst than you being a virgin right now. Sorry OP but FYL for having a foolish mom.