By Rebecca - 3/10/2020 23:07

What could go wrong?

Today, I slipped into an ATM vestibule quickly without a mask. The place smelled like the antiseptic at a doctor's office, so I figured, "What could go wrong?" Not more than 6 hours later, I found out that I’m sick. FML
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By  Bogrbon  |  24

Stupid is as stupid does. Masks are mostly about protecting others when you may not yet realize you are sick, not primarily about protecting you. But if you didn’t use a mask there, where else didn’t you use it? I see 2/3 of the people in stores without a mask or with a mask below the nose, and think, are they stupid, or just don’t care about the well-being of others. It’s always the elderly that are in masks looking worried.

By  wysegirl  |  21

You were sick beforehand not from going in there. The mask isn't to protect you it's to protect others from you. The majority of people are not showing symptoms so hopefully you just have a cold. Good luck and feel better soon.