By Anonymous - 05/01/2014 19:44 - United Kingdom - Alfreton

Today, my girlfriend dumped me for another guy. Last week, she wrote sweet things like "Love you forever" and "Light of my life" on my arm cast. I have to wait two more weeks until it's taken off. FML
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emirie 21

Cross it off so you don't have to look at it.

Damn, lifetime is a day for hoes


emirie 21

Cross it off so you don't have to look at it.

Put a Seahawks sticker over it, I'll mail you one.

\ 28

Here we go with the Sports Teams arguments.

perdix 29

#30, put on a Redskins sticker and you'll get so many Pity Fucks, your arm will never "heal."

Sucks for you OP! Atleast you didn't get a tattoo about her.

_^ your pic is beautiful

incoherentrmblr 21

Talk about adding insult to injury...

put a montreal canadiens sticker on it

Damn, lifetime is a day for hoes

This has got to be the most profound statement in the world.. LOL

Sorry... Love hurts sometimes...

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will cripple my unstable and heavily dependant level of self worth. Sorry to hear that OP! It gets better!

That what big black permanent markers are for. I know write "lying bitch" over top of her words

paint it over with some cool graffiti : )

mpj13 8

Broken bones and heart? Sucks man.

Don't worry OP, I will draw a hot chick over it for ya!

Yeah...those yellow feathers and that hot beak. Mhmm.

I was thinking more like hot... like his next girlfriend will surely be when girls see my badass drawing!

You should date op

Dom_Olivares 12

You might need to cut off your arm..jk but you deserve better man!

I never really understood how some people can just flip the switch like that. Hang in there buddy, it'll get better.

Draw over her words. Draw a picture of yourself with a crown and a cape on for a quick self-esteem boost.

Sharpie. Write out loud!

I gave you an upvote only because you are cute! :)