By bigscarypuppy - United States
Today, my sister went into early labor. Instead of telling me, my mom turns to my dog and says "Guess what? You're going to be an uncle!" Our new dog ranks higher than me in our family's metaphorical food chain. FML
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By  Englishrose  |  0

My dogs ranks higher than me, all my siblings and my dad according to my mam. I think it is like that in every household. Not really FML moment. More of a OMG I'm going to have a niece/nephew.

  _chrissy_  |  0

I agree. Your mom probably just expected you to figure it out when she "told the dog" and she probably didn't mean anything by it. FYL? I think not. My mom told me after she dies all of her money is going to her dog there you go, haha. Pretty common situation, I think.

By  lexiBRo  |  0

yeah, my mother is annoying like that too. She will literally walk in the house and say HEY TYSON! MISS ME?!? and then speak to everyone else after she picks him up and pets him for a while. AND she will hang up with you if he starts barking bc he wants to play. :::rolls eyes:::