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Today, trying to be nice, I asked my little sister how school was. She burst into a temper tantrum and screamed at me to fuck off. She's eight. FML
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Kids are so sweet now a days. They're just the darnedest things. Such cuties.

Red flag right there. Maybe things aren't okay for her at school. Kids can be cruel.


Kids are so sweet now a days. They're just the darnedest things. Such cuties.

wellfuuucckme 7

That comment has been used to many times now , yes we get it this generation is shit ! -.-

Yes, but I said it first. Soo it's not really my fault.

wellfuuucckme 7

I was talking about on other FML's -.-

It's not the kids' fault. It's the piss poor job that parents are doing. In most cases that is.

I blame that happity hoppity music these kids listen to. Darn whipper snappers.

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Someone needs to wash her mouth out with soap. What a little shit.

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Those little ***** are SOO nice.

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Did anyone think that it may be outside influence at school? Other kids probably taught it to her.

47- well you should have commented on the others who said it.

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learned* Sorry, 'learnt' just butchers the word.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#11- Actually, it's correct both ways. Before you go attempting to fix someone, maybe sure you're really right.

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19- I like your horse. Not to sound creepy or anything. I just think it's really pretty. Just sayin.

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2 - The Internet! The Internet is to blame!

19- "maybe sure you're really right" ... what ?

31 - Look at my horse. My horse is amazing. Give it a lick.

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I just knew that the first reply to the main comment was going to be someone correcting "learnt" to "learned." It's pretty sad when I've seen that idiotic correction enough times to predict when it's going to happen.

2- Your profile pic matches your comment :)

Red flag right there. Maybe things aren't okay for her at school. Kids can be cruel.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I second that. She may need to talk to someone. :(

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I totally agree kids can be little assholes but an 8 year saying **** off? For like 3-5 year old I could see them dropping the F bomb because they just kind of repeat things they've heard. At 8 they usually know that's a naughty word.

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3 - Or maybe she's just well on her way to developing a nasty case of Bitch Syndrome, you never know. But either way, the girl needs to be taught better than to scream at people for no justifiable reason.

Puberty? Some girls become emotional, start developing breast, and get their first period as early as 8

Puberty still doesn't explain why she started using that language.

Maybe, next time, just don't bother trying to be nice.

It only gets worse from here, prepare yourself for the next decade or two!

Quick remedy: one bar of soap, and a screaming brat.

Or a slap in the mouth from the parent will do just fine too.

Like what was already stated, she could be getting bullied to the point her anger is out of control, if thats true, then a bar of soap will only make things worse then they already are for her. Or she is just a brat.

Man that's bullying stuff is bull shit, all bullies need at any age is a punch in the chops from who they're bulling and it will stop.

wellfuuucckme 7

Yea pimp slap an eight year old TF ??

I'm pretty sure that pimp slapping an eight year old counts as child abuse. Plus you can't hit a girl.

53 Unless you're a girl as well, and if the child is in dire need of a "pimp slapping."

perdix 29

You're in Jersey. Trying to be nice just ***** with people's heads.

Psych101 9

"Hmm, that nice comment/question they just asked didn't seem to be sarcastic and insulting... This is new to me. What do I do?! Got it, I'll just scream profanities at them!"

I ******* hate "Jersey Shore." It makes the rest of the world think we're all douche bags. But you know what we call people like that in New Jersey? Douche bags.

I hate that people assume everyone in New Jersey is that way because of jersey shore.

perdix 29

#35, #52, I thought that way before "Jersey Shore." I had a best friend from Jersey. If he didn't address you as "douchebag", "asshole", or "idiot", you just knew something was wrong. I miss that ********.

havent been on here in a while. glad perdix is still here

Your friend is what we in New Jersey like to call, "rude." One person you knew who happened to be from New Jersey doesn't represent the whole state. Contrary to popular belief, we are a very polite people. Some people think we come off as unfriendly, but it's just a different kind of place. New Jersey is a major travel route between two huge cities. This brings all kinds of people passing through the state, so you have to be careful when dealing with strangers.

35, 52 what the **** does jersey shore have to do with that comment?

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Wash that mouth with some soap! Edit: someone beat me to it ;)