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Today, it was my first day of softball practice. I'm the youngest one on the team by about 2 years, so I wanted to prove I'm just as good as everyone else. Too bad I tripped in the outfield and got hit in the head with a bat. I have a concussion. FML
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why was there a bat in the outfield

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What were you doing with a bat in the outfield?


Well atleast you didn't took balls to the face

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that sucks. I love softball and just because your first practice was bad doesn't mean the rest won't be better. stop trying to prove it you already made the team.

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what was a bat doing in the outfield? they usually stay in caves during the day

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your such a ****** lair how the **** did you type with a concusion you can hardly read

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@#45: just b/c an FML starts with the work "Today" doesn't mean it actually happened today. Why is this such a hard concept for people to grasp on here? Also, the OP could have had a mild concussion, and you seriously need to learn how to type.

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how in the hell did u get hit with a bat way the **** in the outfield. ur a douche and this a bs FML. but seriously FYL cause u have nothing better to do than think of fake shit to put on FML cause nothing interesting ever happens to u

I don't care if you moderated it. hmm an injury means pity love which is a good thing...Right?

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thought your icon was a swastika for a second lol

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haha me too pags. it looks like a tilted G. what could it stand for? hmmmm....

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how did u get hit with a bat in softball? they dont use wood bats so unless some one let go of it im confused

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You can swing the bat wrong and it can come back and hit you. Been there, done that. Anyways, OP, I'm sorry you had to go through that. My first year of softball was a nightmare too, but you need to keep your head up and try again when you can. :)

The G swatstika is fir Grammar Nazi and op, YDI for being born 2 years later than them

No, it's a YDI for not playing a sport that's at least moderatley interesting to watch.

You've probably never even seen a real game of fastpitch softball before. It is more than moderately interesting. What sport do you play/watch, soccer?

Nope, American Football. But pretty much any other sport is good enough to watch besides baseball and variations of it such as softball. Baseball was originally invented in the 19th century. It's purpose was to have a bunch of guys stand still long enough so that spectators would want to buy beer. It has since become a source of evenue for Viagra and steroid dealers. Based on how far baseball has declined in the last few decades, I would say that it is truly our nations PAST time.

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41 your a ******* idiot to you probably blow at sports and are one of those faggots who try to coach because they think they know everything about all sports. I have had so many coachs like that and I bet your just like that.

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true that 41. baseball is fun to play but watching it is torture. I feel bad for parents that have their kids in the little leagues

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What are you talking about it? it proved he sucks at baseball and is secretly dreaming of having a gay sex orgy with the Jonus Brothers!

Why the he'll was there a bat in the outfield?

Either 1) op tripping in the outfield & getting hit with the bat were 2 different incidents, or 2) the coaches were multitasking, & had some of the players out in the outfield warming up swinging before going up to bat at the plate. My softball teams would do this all the time during practice.

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how did you get hit in the head with a bat if you were outfeild.. ydi. FAKE

Haven't you idiots learned not to show off yet? Every other FML is a dumbass making themselves look more stupid by showing off and hurting themselves or losing.

What the OP was trying to do isn't called showing off. It's called proving something. I don't blame the OP, if you were the youngest and if people thought you wern't as good as them because you were younger, wouldn't you want to prove them wrong? So there you go. He/she clearly was not showing off.

u HAD a concussion or else u wouldnt have been able to write this FML!!

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I've had a concussion before. I was able to walk and talk after a while, even though I still had it. She was/is probably like me in this.

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people dont become paralyzed when they have a concussion, he could still type, you idiot.

I have had quite a few concussions and they just make your head hurt, lights bother you, you feel tired and sick. like someone else said, they don't paralyze you.

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it's not necessarily a school team. could've been an adult league. lots of drunk people :p

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I'm confused u really r a loser or this happened at two different times... either way u suck at life!

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dont worry its Ur first practice, its my first year playing softball too

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The op never said it was her first year

whoop-di-frickin-doo. why is that so awful? who on earth would moderate this?

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the red head fml is way stupider than this. fmls r starting to suck