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Today, I was approached by the head cheerleader, and she asked for my number. I was so excited that I gave it to her without question. Then she smiled, and walked away. Too bad my girlfriend was right behind me when it happened. FML
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you deserve it for letting your heart wander.

HA HA!....HA! You do realize that the cheerleader knew your girlfriend was behind you right? THAT'S why she smiled. Ya doink...


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I think the implication was that she was hitting on him. Not just like, "Hey man, let's chill sometime. Gimme your number." More like, "Hey cutie, can I have your number?" So, OP, you deserve whatever happens. You SUCK.

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Thank you, #7. At least someone can catch the gist of a post without it being written out in detail for them.

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i wasn't necessarily blaming the girl, i was just saying you can't assume either way

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his girlfriend could have flipped out before he even had a chance to react. i was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, even though what you are saying is true.

hmm there wasnt enough info given in this FML to say he deserves it or not without guessing his motives

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thank you. maybe he really did deserve it and was a dick to his girlfriend. i'm just saying it COULD have been an innocent friendship.

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An innoncent friendship with a head cheerleader ?

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so the head cheerleader has NO innocent friends? she sleeps with all her male friends?

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she doesn't necessarily sleep with all her male friends, but by saying "the head cheerleader" instead of "this girl I know" he makes it obvious that his reasons for giving her his number aren't really above board.

I like how Intoxicant is ranting about how she hates when people assume on FMLs in another post, and yet she's doing it here big time. Lolz

I said "the implication was..." And, in this case, it is obviously MEANT to sound like he was flirting. Any idiot can tell that (well, not ANY idiot, apparently). In the other post, you assumed she was lying on her back expecting amazing sex and doing nothing for it, based on her saying he couldn't give her an ******. Your assumption was a huge leap. Mine was reading between the lines into the tone of the post. You don't know what you're talking about, and please, spell my name correctly.

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but i still think i could go either way. it could be FML like "oh crap my girlfriend wasn't supposed to see that" or "oh jesus why does she always get so jealous from my friends." we just don't know.

True, we don't, but the overall tone of this was "I'm doing something bad I shouldn't be doing. Oops! My girlfriend was behind me and I didn't notice because I was drooling over this girl." I say that due to "head cheerleader" instead of "a girl", "I was so excited", and the fact that it is an FML for him. But we still can't know for sure.

Actually, I must agree with Intoxicunt here. It does indeed seem to be the implication. Excited over the head cheerleader... how very high school. I'm sure your girlfriend also appreciated your relationship maturity... Of course, there's nothing to say she wouldn't do the same with the captain of whatever sports team. Sad world we live in. Also 54 might have a point. A lot of cheerleaders are real bitches like that, too.

That's all still an assumption. The FML doesn't say if the OP is a boy or a girl, so for all we know this is the girlfriend making a post about what happened to her BF because she got jealous. *Intoxicunt

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I agree with Intoxicunt. Why would he be "so excited" to give his phone number to someone he had only platonic interest in? When the length of FMLs is so limited, you must be able to make logical deductions. "Head cheerleader" is a social rank typically associated with unattainable beauty and popularity. When she approached him he readily gave her whatever she desired, and was "so excited" to do so, regardless of the fact that it contradicted his other social obligations. His actions clearly confirm that he was so excited to give her his number because he thought she was bangin'. You guys fail at FML.

Yeah, Intoxicunt is right here. Some assumptions are intended to be made by the writing. If it was about his girlfriend being jealous of him being friends with other girls, it would have been worded that way. In the case of this FML, that is the stretch assumption with next to no basis.

#64 said it perfectly: "logical deductions". We deduce from the information we are given that it was more than platonic. That's not the same thing as leaping to a conclusion like "if a guy couldn't make a girl ******, then she must be some self-absorbed bitch who just lies on her back waiting to experience mind-blowing sex without communicating to him her turn-ons and desires." See the difference?

OH GOD, it is SO obvious that when he gave her his number, his intentions weren't innocent. "I was so excited I gave it to her without question." And his girlfriend was behind him, if he he only wanted to be friends with the girl, he wouldn't care.

he could be excited at the idea of hanging out with a really popular person. if she is popular. most head cheerleaders just think that theyre hot shit when really theyre just self absorbed bitches.

how in the **** does it seem his girlfriend is jealous and tries to control the relationship? all it says is she was behind him when it happened

I deleted all the guys in my phone and my boyfriend deleted all the girls in his.

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He deserved I hope he drops the soap soon douche bag

Wait you don't say how your girlfriend reacted? A number hp just a number, perhaps the cheerleader was on a dare or something. Quit taking things so seriously

LOL good luck trying to make up for that one. YDI for being a complete dumbass.

They have a cheerleader for that? I prefer to get head in private. And cheering would spoil the mood.

HAHAHAHA! #15, FTW. You never cease to come up with the best comments, Plexico. You rock.

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no, it would be stifled by your junk. it would sound more like: BRO ROR ROAD! BRO ROR ROAD! BRO ROR ROAD!

trulyinsane, if that were so, the new nickname for my penis would be "The Scooby Snack."

What's the big deal??!? For all his GF knew, he only wanted to invite her for a three-way!! Sharing is caring! What a bitch.

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This is why you dont have a girlfriend

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YDI asshole. A fine example of how many (not all.) guys are pigs.