By Fiancé problemsss - 05/01/2014 07:11 - United States - Billings

Today, despite all of the pictures and proof of my fiancé, my parents still think I have an imaginary boyfriend. They met him, and were there when he proposed. They think it's all a joke. FML
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Maybe they saw all those movies where the girl hires an actor to propose to her. That's how I got my fiancé.

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Cwizer 17

It's probably more rough that OP obviously dated zero people before this, making her parents think this way

Who said op dated no one before this? She could have had so many boyfriends that her parents don't think they were all actually her boyfriends.

In this case, I recommend you live your imaginary life

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her parents are in denial! My boyfriend's friend's mom never believed he had a girlfriend, and we've been going out for a year and a half. I finally met her a couple weeks ago and when he introduced us she laughed in shock and said "she's real?! finally!! haha" it was funny x)

That's okay OP, you'll show them when you INVITE THEM TO YOUR WEDDING! :D

If worse if they still don't believe her when they actually get married.

Maybe they saw all those movies where the girl hires an actor to propose to her. That's how I got my fiancé.

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Since when do you have to pay a salary to a blow up doll after the initial purchase? Have they become self aware!?

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#44, some of them have in-app purchases for advanced features. Or so I've heard ;)

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Boy what a surprise it'll be when they go to the wedding!

Probably they will be surprised at the good 'scenario' and act. It's not like I'm talking from experience or anything.

Maybe reality will set in when they get the bills.

They'll impressed with how committed to the joke she is.

But guess who probably won't be invited!

I can just imagine your dad cracking up when he hears "who gives this woman to be his wife". If he doesn't believe it then, maybe he will when you have kids. Maybe.

Paid child actors from birth. The conspiracy will continue.

The children will go to their "grandparents" every holiday.

I would be the torturous one that would tell them their whole relationship is a joke to... I don't mean to be rude but if they have the balls to do that they can take it too.

So I take it you're family isn't paying for the wedding? Sorry to hear that OP let's hope they believe the grandchildren are real when the time comes.

Or, you know, actually the OP's and her husband.

Well, he must be too good to be true, lucky for you he isn't. Congratulations on your engagement :)

Give them an imaginary invite to the wedding!