By desigymrat - France
Today, I was working out at the gym. A very attractive girl was watching me work out, so feeling like a stud, I tried to lift a really heavy weight. I failed, got trapped, and watched helplessly as she walked away laughing. FML
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  gooBUZZ  |  0

Completely agreed with #1.

OP - Obviously you need to start at a lower level, even if you're not scoring. Don't try and impress people, you'll end up failing... as you have now found out. Dumbass.

  irishboy9  |  0

dude she was checking you out already. next time instead of thinking your a stud just drop that thought and go talk to her like a true bossnova...I mean be serious guy

  cradle6  |  13

Dude, OP, you got off lucky. When you act stupid in the gym and try to do stuff you can't you run the risk of severely hurting yourself. So chill out about some stupid stranger and be thankful you can come back to the gym.


We females think you look incredibly stupid when you try and show off.
YDI for showing off, she was checking you out BEFORE you did that. You should have just been a man and went to talk to her.

  perdix  |  29

If it was too heavy for him to get it up, it would probably be too hard for her to help him get it up.

^ I was talking about weights there ^ What were you thinking, you naughty, little minx?

If she was "very attractive" and couldn't help him get it up, he's got worse problems than being a weakling ;)

  shadmed  |  0

It's just sad when you have to point out three times a sexual innuendo you made. a "that's what she said" could have been enough, and it's still a bit old.