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I never fake my orgasms, because if my bf's not pleasuring me the right way, I tell him. It's helpful to him, and feels fine with me.

OP, I feel sorry for you. Your gf just needs to tell you what she wants.

  iKaite  |  0

I fake when I come across a man like you, number 1. A man who doesnt have any care for a females orgasm. You're foreplay is probably Fart - and - roll - over.

  Hugorgy  |  0

That's only because most women don't want to tell their partner he's doing it wrong and is a failure in bed. Maybe the girl is scared he'll leave, or maybe he will be so self-conscious he won't want to touch her anymore. Who knows? We don't have that information.

OP, have you tried clitoral stimulation? Not all women can get off on penetration alone. Research so you know what can get her off too.

  runwest07  |  0

My ex-gf did it all the time. When she fessed up to it about a year into our relationship, she said she continued to hide it because I had mentioned that it would be pretty hurtful if she ever faked. We had a big fight about her admitting to her faking and had make-up sex. A year after that, I found out she faked that time, and every time after that.

Trust me, I did everything I could do to please that girl.

  DenBriZel  |  31

Because some men are so self conscious they get mad if you don't orgasm. I had a boyfriend who'd get mad and say it was something I was doing that was stopping me from finishing, so I started faking. Of course he then thought he was the best in bed ever. Until I crushed his hopes and dreams when I dumped his ass for being a cocky asshole.

  jailbot  |  7

D: I feel your pain. It takes an impossible amount of work for me to have one, and even then, it's only been twice. I just wish my boyfriend didn't make me feel like something is wrong with me.

  Pyrbaby  |  0

That's entirely dependent on the girl, and whether or not her partner gives a damn. It isn't difficult at all for me to orgasm, unless the guy I'm sleeping with is a TOTAL dud in bed. And I mean TERRIBLE. You have to be excruciatingly bad in bed to not give me an orgasm.

  Dilwann  |  27

Jailbot, I have the same thing. It's happened more than twice though, usually when I'm on top. But he makes me feel pretty alienated about it as well. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

  SaintJimmy  |  0

I know. It's kind of a cool feeling when you're close to the top (if you've said something useful) because then everyone sees it. Unfortunately trolls take advantage of this.

  snavula  |  0

If you wanna know, I've noticed that the site updates around 8:00 AM, 10, 12, 2 PM, 6, and I think 8 and 10 PM as well (eastern time). I'm not sure if its the same every day, but if you really wanna be earlyish try those times.

I myself don't care to be in the first few comments but I'll admit that being 200+ is lame if you wanna have a debate unless its a really active topic lol.


I understand that some people live the majority of their life in their parent's basement, but those of us that don't do things like communicate with our friends, often of *gasp* a different gender, learn through resources or relationships, etc. Sometimes we learn things about topics that may not be easy for us to learn about from these interactions. You should try it.

  whateverbro  |  0

generalizing that its difficult for all girls to orgasm is like saying that all girls like pink. how do you know that #8 has talked to a bunch of different girls about it. has he conducted a study that concluded that its hard for ALL girls to orgasm? has he found scientific research that proves this? bottom line, he doesnt know this.

By  jm88  |  0

Yeah.. I don't like girls who lie about this, especially if sexual compatibility is a big issue. Sometimes it just doesn't work out between a pair.

Ask her what she needs or likes? Maybe you give it to her too hard or maybe you give it to her too soft? Or maybe you need to get more familiar with your tongue to her naughty bits ; )