By Anonymous - 22/12/2013 08:45 - Canada - Richmond

Today, while going down on my girlfriend, she stopped moaning and told me to stop because she couldn't fake it anymore. FML
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Some women aren't into that. Your girlfriend may be one of 'em. Sucks for you, but try asking her what she likes next time.


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What if she meant to say she couldn't "take" it anymore?

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41, she couldn't. That's why she had to let him know.

girls should be honest all the time!! then we wouldn't have to fake it!

Faking it doesn't help anyone. Truth hurts, but at least if you communicate things can improve.

Well I honestly don't know why you should fake it when you can tell what you do and don't like. But maybe that's just me.

Some women aren't into that. Your girlfriend may be one of 'em. Sucks for you, but try asking her what she likes next time.

Yeah, I know a good handful of women who aren't into it. I don't see why men would care just because it's one less thing they'd have to do. That sounds like a good deal to me.

#2 Or maybe she's very into it, when it's done right.

#12 is right! Most women who don't like it haven't had someone go down there and blow their mind!

I don't like it because it doesn't feel good... not even a little bit. In fact it's an instant turn off.

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@13 1. Your picture scares me 2. I completely agree, try doing some research to see if you were doing it right and if you weren't try again. :) Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

I know a lot of girls that feel this way. It's understandable. I think that it can be extremely intimate- having a guy's face right there. But if you're with a person that truly enjoys doing it and know how to stop you from being self conscience about your body and/or taste, then I think less women would feel unease about it getting done.

See if she likes it the other way around :p

jazzy_123 20

It just takes the right person. I don't want to get personal but I will. The last guy I was with before my boyfriend was TERRIBLE! I had to fake it every time and fast just so he would stop. My boyfriend on the other hand is good at it. We communicate and tell each other what we like. Communication is the key in a relationship and the key to good sex. There's nothing embarrassing about telling your partner what your into :)

@13 & 24 I don't like getting oral and it's not because I haven't gotten my mind blown yet. I've really good oral, to the point of squirting, feeling weak, ... I STILL DON'T LIKE IT. I don't have to like it and I don't like it when people think less of my boyfriend because he must not be doing it right. Clitoral stimulation feels different, it's very intense and I don't like intense orgasms. I like them slowly building up and shivering through my body, not one big hard ******. It doesn't mean my boyfriend sucks at it (in the bad sense).

I've read that only 80% of women like being eaten out. I happen to be one of the 20%. I don't care how hot or orally talented the guy is, I get grossed out at the thought of having someone's wet, slobbery tongue in my private parts. Massive turn-off for me. In OP's case, whether it's his technique or the act itself that's bothering his girlfriend, something needs to change. And if she's also in the minority of women who hate oral, he needs to figure out what she does like in bed.

I HAVE had my mind blown by it, and I am still not into it.

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It's always what the women like...I like getting my balls tickled but when i ask i'm weird

I agree.... if he wasn't doing it right for her it is as much her fault for not communicating

Well, 64, it depends when you're asking. If you're asking her to tickle your balls before you so much as introduce yourself, I could see why that might be a little strange.

47 - Same here. I do not get off on direct clit play at all, tongues, fingers or vibes. It actually HURTS. If you're indirect working around down there with something, it's okay for foreplay, but it will not get me off ever. Penetration, on the other hand, combined with indirect pressure? Is heaven.

64 & 79 - HOW you ask is also a factor. Saying 'tickle my balls' isn't exactly sexy. Taking her hand and showing her what you like while you're already hot and heavy? Bound to get a better reaction.

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Maybe it's time to start talking to her about what she likes.

Oh boy.. Here strikes the honesty, I guess your relationship just went to the next stage... Good luck buddy!

Maybe she should know that faking it will not make the companion better at pleasing her..

I always thought so, too, until I dated a guy who wouldn't let it go if I didn't ******. His constant asking if I had yet and telling me we weren't done until I did caused a total mental block. I started faking it just to satisfy his ego. It became such a habit that I had trouble not faking after him. I still occasionally find myself faking for no reason, since I have real orgasms with my husband. It's a lot of pressure for women to make sure their lovers know they're doing well.

Honesty is the best policy I guess... FYL

The good news is that the next time she moans, you'll know it's the real thing. the bad news is that that probably won't be happening for a long time.

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It's already bad enough doing that...

What's wrong with it? And just curious then, do you also think that it's bad enough for girls to go down on guys, or is that fine by you?

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