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  Night22_fml  |  4

you can tell a girl is faking it when after sex, if her thighs/crotch/buttcheeks are not pinkish/red. if they are a hue of red, then its real.

you learn a lot from manswers

  KingDingALing  |  9

OP- tell her that her vagina is really loose and that she's a fatass for thinking about cupcakes. Then break up with her.

To everyone talking about when you can tell if a girl is faking or not by looking to see if her pussy is red- You can check by going down on's not that hard to check

  KingDingALing  |  9

83- Well she should've watched what she said. She obviously meant to insult him. If she wanted to act like such a bitch then she should be prepared to be insulted right back.

In my opinion, of course:)

  ThereIsNoFork  |  0

It's part of that joke... You know the one where it's like there were two cupcakes in an oven. And one goes: "Wow it's hot in here." And the other says: "Look, a talking cupcake!"

By  Avers  |  0

Hey, at least you are getting some and to be a good sport, buy some cupcakes for her and talk with it in front of her and if you are lucky, you'll some again.