By evecamp - 10/02/2010 05:09 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of 11 months told me that she's been faking her orgasms the whole time. Just to make me "proud" of myself. FML
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A girl who thinks about feelings of people other than herself is pretty rare.. So, what's your problem?

Practice makes perfect, but maybe you need some help. Ask her what she needs you to do do so you may give her a skull crushing orgasim. Then get in in there and destroy that uterus!


Practice on her sister/best friend...

AngryNinja 1

uh, no. be glad your girl bothered to make you feel good. don't go out and fuck her best friend or sister unless you don't care about your relationship.

caticaticati 3

Yo, angryninja, stop living up to the 'angry' part of your name and learn to take a joke.

AngryNinja 1

i know it was a joke, but did op? and i can be angry if i want to be.

duke10861 0

way to be a bitch angry ninja

yeesh. sounds like someone can't have orgasms herself and is a little cranky about it

AngryNinja 1

wanna change my tampon for me? i can be much bitchier.

AngryNinja? more like EnragedNinja

more like enragedwhore?

Ajjas013 6

Or AngryFail :) Or iAngry, iFail, iAngryFail Or iFailatForeplay :D

Ajjas013 6

I'm not mad or anything I was just joking. :(

AngryNinja 1

lies. you don't joke.

AngryNinja 1

61, better a whore than a slut.. just sayin'.

angryninja you didn't reply to me, I feel left out

AngryNinja 1

i'm sorry. yes, enraged. who says i can't be pissy?

Me, obviously the OP would know better than to go fuck his gf's sister/bestfriend..

AngryNinja 1

rhetorical question. why would i not be pissy just because you say so? and you never know.

yayforcheesecake 0

your a bitch lol

gaza244 0

wats up babe

lmao why do girls Gotta lie

AngryNinja 1

you're an idiot. lol!

WhatANoob 0

Lmao @ 75.

Ahhh deception in order to give one a sense of proudness. Classic but not benefical if you tell of the afore mentioned deception. Gutted much? x peace out x

angryninja: you're a bitch. get over yourself, go masturbate and call it a day. oh and learn to take a joke? if my girlfriend told me this I would dump her.

AngryNinja 1

harryman04: tips on masturbating? unlike you, i'm used to have a partner of the opposite sex.

AngryNinja 1


angryninja how about dem saints? say something

allan_069 0

bitch please!!? lol I'll change your tampon

AngryNinja 1

i don't watch football. thanks for the offer. ;)

angry ninja is a fuckin ritard

u have to start. next season I want u to watch every game and then post what u think about them.

AngryNinja 1

122, it's retard, you fucking dumbass. learn how to spell before you insult me so you don't look like more of an idiot than you already do. 123, why?

AngryNinja you're totally awesome, I love you xD lol I have gotten more of a laugh reading your comments and everyone elses comments than I have gotten from most FMLs

AngryNinja 1

uhh, thank 127. x)

I'm sorry everyone.. but I might actually agree with #1.. 11 months of deception? I'd say OP does need to get some practise.. He has earnt some new vag.. other than that, for revenge, i would begin the sex, having jerked off only a few moments earlier.. this will make it more difficult for you to come.. and you can mock her for not being able to please a man.. but she's already done it for 11 months, so it won't be perfect revenge..

haha sounds like a keeper

alexisbabby 7

bahahah angryninja you are my hero.

TrekkieGirl 0

OP, either you really suck in bed and she wants to get done quickly, or she's just sweet and you can't get her there, so she didn't want to hurt your feelings. If it's the latter, you need to improve your technique, if it's the first reason, then you still need to improve your technique.

A girl who thinks about feelings of people other than herself is pretty rare.. So, what's your problem?

I have to agree with Intrepidity. Maybe she could try to make it better for you instead of probably just lying there counting on you to do all the work. Some women are just selfish.

well, at least she was honest with youu! (:

ExtremeEncounter 32

Yeah, it only took a year to be honest.

Practice makes perfect, but maybe you need some help. Ask her what she needs you to do do so you may give her a skull crushing orgasim. Then get in in there and destroy that uterus!

amoreforte 6

asking what she likes

amoreforte 6

asking what she likes and needs for you to get her off would be great because then you won't have to have her fake for you to feel good bout your performance. I suggest some fourplay like fingering , eating her pussy, etc... practice and take it slow

razz27 0

introduce her to the 4 finger club or fist her cuz thats the only way she will feel anything

doink 0

LMao Zedong.

Ajjas013 6

He probably has the wrong idea of sex.

vampyre_girly 0

Ajjas if he has the wrong idea of sex then why is she letting him fuck her?

uhhm fist? sounds like you dont know what your talking about either.

People like that shit yknow. Seems like YOU are the one that doesn't know.

haha dude other words u suck at sex. ur hand would get more pleasure. haha :D

yea. the droctor guy is rite u suck

take it, its sex. then improve yourself. loser.

Erindub 0

Shes got to go. I mean what else is she hiding from you?

Yep, OP's a chick!

vampyre_girly 0

so what means the girl don't know how to have sex. If she is a girl

Seems like she values your relationship for more than just sex. Seems like a good foundation to work from. "Draw up some plans" together and build a sexual encounter that is mutually beneficial. ;)

pluralbusted 0

no it sounds like she is a liar. where does a girl get the idea that it is ok to do that? the right thing wouldve been to tell him what she likes from day one and save herself the wasted time. honestly she is just ruining it for herself