By Deweyboy - 10/10/2015 04:33 - United States

Today, while playing a game, my girlfriend told a bunch of our friends that she's never had an orgasm. News to me. FML
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colton_colton 49

Tell your friends you've never had an ****** then

She said she never had an ******, not that she never had one just with "you". Some women have a difficult time having an ******. But they can still enjoy sex none the less. Did she lie to you and say she did or did you just assume that a moan here and there was her climaxing?


colton_colton 49

Tell your friends you've never had an ****** then

A guy can't really say that since it's a lot more obvious when they do.

That's not something you can easily bullshit.

Nah, that'll do no good. She's bad at relationships if she fakes it, for the record. Be honest and help him learn what works for her.

You've got a condom on and they don't look, it's pretty easy to fake.

batmanfredi 13

Guys can't do that because it's hard to get guys NOT to ******. And don't blame her because she hasn't orgasmed, it's harder for some women but blame her because she lied to you about it

There is a difference between cumming and an ******. A guy can cum without having an ******. Skilled guys (not me) can also ****** without cumming.

Are you calling OPs girlfriend a bitch....?

Well she is. It's her own fault anyway. The most important thing in a relationship is communication. If you want to spice up your sex life with your partner, then talk to them about it. If you keep faking an ****** then you're just making yourself miserable

#45 No I was actually asking if #2 was or not haha I couldn't tell from the lack of him saying "she's a bitch".

A hint that she can't communicate in bed and has the gall to tell her friends about the result of her lack of communication in front of OP? Yep, sure is.

Ouch. Tell her that orgasms are like opinions 'Once I've got mine, I don't care about yours'

that'll make it even worse for him, saying something like that in front everyone who will now not only think he's bad at sex, but selfish af too.

No idea why you're down voted. ... that's brilliant t and very true... finish up and go to sleep, happy days.

@11 she seems pretty selfish herself if she's willing to drop her boyfriend like that, I don't see why OP can't make a joke at her expense.

And then people like you (who are horrible at sex) bitch about getting none. It's like you'd open a restaurant, gave people shit on plates instead of a proper meal and then bitch that your business didn't work out.

That sucks for you OP. It's stupid that she didn't even tell you first. Talk to her about communicating what she likes.

try handcuffs and whip ;) I'm kidding.... try communicating more and ask her what she wants.

As long as you've done your proper research on proper use of a whip and cuffs and have discussed the scene beforehand.

depending on how the situation happened, seems to me like she's just being an ass cause the relationship has problems.. #takesonetoknowone if someone really cared for you, even if ****** thing were true, they wouldn't throw you on blast like that unless the care they once felt is now gone.