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By biggieT - 14/06/2012 02:21 - Sri Lanka - Colombo

Today, I was having sex with my wife, when she fell asleep. She then woke up and started moaning, clearly faking an orgasm. FML
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You did her so good... You knocked her unconscious AND gave her an ******. Kudos to you champion of the bedroom.

Anyone else disturbed that he apparently noticed she had fallen asleep kept going?


pen_is_hole 1

I see what you did there.

I can also see what you're doing to that poor little immigrant in your profile picture.

I'd be a hater and say 1's comment was q waste if it weren't for number 2's because that actually made me lol. What the hell is going on there?

Ah the classic wake and fake...

xoconnie 8

Dude, you need to improve.

When will women realize that either A) men don't if the ****** so faking is pointless, or B) men are willing to work on getting them to ****** naturally and faking isn't doing EITHER of us a favor?

But seriously, what is up woth your profile picture?

mattmadden 0

#1 I just noticed your name. I see what you did there.

83- exactly! Real men want to make sure their woman is satisified, sexually. Unfortunately, we don't know if the original poster's wife was drunk or any other factors. But at least he acknowledges it as opposed to pretending it didn't happen.

I like how #6 comment is only relevant until #1 changes his profile picture, then no one will get the comment at all.

*gold star* you tried.

A for effort :D

Thumbed down for stop trying. Now i'm gonna get thumbed down :/

GVirdi 11

Let's get thumbed down together :D

I wanna be part of this too.

First time I ever wanted to be thumbed down

Stop the madness!

Oh, the humanity!

KiddNYC1O 20

Wow, this is when getting thumbed down is actually a good thing...

What a coincidence, I was getting thumbed up til gvirdi commented then it went to hell :(

Time to see if those genie pills work.

You did her so good... You knocked her unconscious AND gave her an ******. Kudos to you champion of the bedroom.

challan 19

Mr Fuzzies and I are in 100% agreement. If a man fell asleep on me during sex, it was because I'm the gold medalist of love making. The master of the bedroom universe. C'mon Op, give yourself props!

GVirdi 11

I like how your picture matches so good with your picture Mine just doesn't make sense But I wish I could be like OP when things get heated with me and my wife :c Oh wait.. Crap I forgot I'm single and 15

29) Then get your ass out there and sew some fields little man!

GVirdi 11

32 no thanks my friend already thinks I'm going to be the next Charlie sheen

Inheritance 10

If the situation was swapped, that the man feel asleep, my god watch the **** out! The wife will get beyond pissed!!

33) I'm confused, if you're going to be the next Charlie sheen then you have to go out and meet some ladies and have a terrible first sex, then you can post it on FML for us all too read^^

GVirdi 11

40 if you talked to my friend you would know what it's like to really be confused And it's 5am, I've been talking to her alot, I'm sorry to everyone for any confusion Dx

42) I just noticed all this time I though your picture was 2 penguins til i zoomed in on it and saw darth vader, false advertisement....

Inheritance 10

61- Are you really crying about someone's profile picture on FML? Kinda sad if you ask me.

76) what's your point? People comment about others profile/picture all the time an I don't see you getting up their ass at them so stfu and go back to what you were doing.

Inheritance 10

Well you're retarded for saying his profile pic was false advertisement. Just because you're blind and can't see doesn't mean it's false.

annetartica 6

Please. Just STFU.

annetartica 6

& then GTFO.

The_Tool1 13

Whoaa 88, we don't use the R word in this establishment.

Inheritance 10

Guess what, I did, and wtf are you going to do about it? :)

OhLohd111 11

Hey Mods, we got a "badass" over here...

fylx100 19

4- Your profile picture makes your comment even more funny. Lol


129 it's from a game called fallout.(: Play it!

162 - I'd assume they get the reference if they find it funny. Fallout isn't exactly unheard of.

if your wife falls asleep during sex you're doing something wrong. Perhaps try some positions that requires a little more involvement on her part?

AsianCookie247 14

And you two need to have a talk about that subject &find out what she likes or prefers, do anything so it's enjoyable for the both of you and she'll actually be excited about being intimate with you.

Agreed. There definately needs to be more communication between OP and his wife; especially since she didn't seem so bothered about falling asleep. If I fell asleep on my man, I would be utterly mortified.

Maybe she is genuinely exhausted? For OP's sake?

Maybe OP has a small penis...? Just offering possibilities here folks.

Nothing a few whips and chains can't fix. You gotta turn her ass on then leave her hanging. That's called teasing...after that she will be wanting it. Then you pull out the video camera and role playing. All set!

OP should lay on his back and they should do cowgirl.

b3llalooove 3

If she's anything like Rihanna then she'll love the whips and chains!

jaystreet46 4

I wouldn't stop either. Granted, I'm not bad enough to have a woman fall asleep during, but if she did, I'd still get mine!!

22cute 17

75 - penis size does NOT make you a good lover, ok? Most guys with big dicks think they've got it made & they don't need to learn any techniques -WRONG! And a small penis would not put your wife to sleep like boring technique will, I promise.

Talk to her and find out what she likes, perhaps you're not doing the right things to satisfy her and turn her on?

Maybe falling asleep halfway through and waking up to a fake ****** IS her thing..?

Anyone else disturbed that he apparently noticed she had fallen asleep kept going?

I never read it that way....I took it as she fell asleep, he stopped and when she woke up again started her fake ****** because she didn't realise she'd fallen asleep and he'd stopped? No? Just me thinking that way then?

15, I read it that way also.

"and when she woke up again started her fake ****** because she didn't realise she'd fallen asleep and he'd stopped?" I think you notice pretty soon that your partner isn't moving, even when you just woke up...

True.....unless he's really bad lol

AliceLockehart 18

Maybe she starfishes it a lot so he couldn't tell the difference? Just a random thought.

mariah_victoria 0

Starfishes? WHAT the HELL is that supposed to mean?? xD

b3llalooove 3

Haha just lays there not moving^

KiddNYC1O 20

8 is a freak.

127- why would he be? Hes got a point

mrsmillsy 10

Lol, I didn't think of it that way at all... much more of an FML for the wife now.

KiddNYC1O 20

137- It was just my way of backing up #15.

Maybe he didn't notice for a while, or he stopped just as she was nodding off and she woke up and fake-moaned.

I know everyone's going to say "you're doing it wrong." However, clearly your wife needs to try a bit harder herself. If she fell asleep because she was that tired she should have just said no. I would be so upset if my man fell asleep on me!

Yea... If my woman ever fell asleep on me I'd be pretty ****** off, but hey everyone gets their shitty days, and this was obviously ops.

Or maybe your wife was trying to satisfy you even though she was exhausted. She really loves you.

22cute 17

Exactly, Pdp. Some people can't be pleased. Falling asleep only happens when we need sleep (expt narcolepsy). And faking is something you do to please others. She loves you & wants you to be happy - and she needs some sleep.

cherrybitches 6

maybe the both of you can have a talk to see what each other is doing wrong or what's needed to have a happy sex life.

erika729 1

It happens, quit ur whining