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  corambis  |  5

Agreed. I wouldn't feel too bad about ignoring a Facebook invite to any event. After all, if the person wanted me to come, they would have talked to me personally or sent something a little more personal.

  CellBlock70  |  0

maybe that's the way they are in contact with each other... this is the 21st century we're talking about here where unfortunately less and less people are communicating with verbal speech.

By  Noire_  |  0

Not really. Maybe her friends are on Facebook a lot? I know I wouldn't do that, but only because not all of my friends have Facebook, and many aren't on it very often.

If she's the complete opposite, it's perfectly acceptable, and it's quicker too, especially since it's summer so she might not see them a lot anymore.

By  divineinstrument  |  2

ooh 6th, that's the highest I've ever been

That's annoying OP. But don't worry, many people don't have really any friends besides their significant other. Just cancel the restaurant, and have a nice night with your boyfriend

But yeah, facebook shouldn't be used for something like this

  Mata_Hari  |  0

Yeah, I'm sure it affected the boyfriend a whole lot, let's forget all about the OP whose birthday is forgotten by all her friends =] No sympathy there apparently.