By Anonymous - 14/07/2009 18:10 - United States

Today, I checked the facebook event page that I had set up for my 21st birthday at an awesome restaurant/bar which I had set up a week ago. Out of 39 invitees, the only person who said yes is my boyfriend. FML
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deja54 0

Facebook is not an acceptable way of personally inviting people to an important event.

um, well at least your boyfriend is coming :)


Holy shit. At least he accepted. Oh and first

shortshan 0

Maybe now that you're 21 years old it's time to grow up and CALL people to invite them.

well, at least your boyfriend loves you enough to show up at the lamest party of the year

deja54 0

Facebook is not an acceptable way of personally inviting people to an important event.

Agreed. I wouldn't feel too bad about ignoring a Facebook invite to any event. After all, if the person wanted me to come, they would have talked to me personally or sent something a little more personal.

justdancebbyx3 7

You should just call them instead of inviting them over the internet. :)

curryndricegirll 0

it's really more reliable than anything else. everyone is always on facebook, so they'd be sure to get the invite.

maybe that's the way they are in contact with each other... this is the 21st century we're talking about here where unfortunately less and less people are communicating with verbal speech.

thatswutshesaid7 0

Wow u must me a freak. And mayb this wouldn't of happened if u didn't invite people by facebook...very cheesy

Not really. Maybe her friends are on Facebook a lot? I know I wouldn't do that, but only because not all of my friends have Facebook, and many aren't on it very often. If she's the complete opposite, it's perfectly acceptable, and it's quicker too, especially since it's summer so she might not see them a lot anymore.

ooh 6th, that's the highest I've ever been That's annoying OP. But don't worry, many people don't have really any friends besides their significant other. Just cancel the restaurant, and have a nice night with your boyfriend But yeah, facebook shouldn't be used for something like this

It's better to call. Its also a FML for your boyfriend. Boyfriend 'Today, my girlfriend had a party and i was the only one could go. My girlfriend has no friends. FML'

alexxclevelandd 0

ooh, yeah i see what you mean. i was just thinking that.

Mata_Hari 0

Yeah, I'm sure it affected the boyfriend a whole lot, let's forget all about the OP whose birthday is forgotten by all her friends =] No sympathy there apparently. FYL.

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Yeah I agree with number 5, some people don't check it that often.

keven501 12

When I go on Facebook and see an event I ignore it if they want me to go so badly they can call me or send a letter

you know 39 isnt exactly a whole lot of people for a 21st

Ligerie 0

ummm... yes that is. Plus thats not the point of the FML.

my sister had over 130 coming to hers, anyway if you invite 39 you're not going to get that many back

Never plan your own birthday party. You set yourself up for disappointment. If others want to celebrate your birthday, let them plan it for you.