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By Crap - 28/01/2010 05:01 - United States

Today, I went to the doctor for horrible stomach pains. He said I had an abnormal amount of stool in me, and that I'd need to flush it out. I called my mom and told her what happened, to which she responded, "I always knew you were full of shit, I didn't need a doctor to tell me that." FML
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One word: Fiber.


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Mom win. Though I've never heard of anyone having an "abnormal" amount of stool in them..

Well usually, the 'abnormal' word isn't used by doctors. But it happens pretty regularly that people are so constipated that it gives them cramps. And indeed: mom win.

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True, I actually didn't even think of constipation. D'oh!

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hahaha ur mom is awesome

yes op fyl for having no sense of humour and being unable to laugh at your self

AAAHahahahah. That's a 'My Life Rocks' for having a funny-as-hell mom who makes you laugh when you're sick :)

hahaha.. Your mum is funny.. but your life is not ******.. Unless, there something else we don't know about.. Therefore, I'ma hafta say: YDI, for sharing information with funny people..

So true. I'm sorry... but your mom has a quick wit and a GREAT sense of humor.

this same thing happened to my brother XD

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total win. lol

Screw you AVainAttempt! You made me loose the game!!!

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win for your mom

She saw the opportunity and took it

One word: Fiber.

You're so full of shit your eyes are brown?

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snap lol

I always use a joke along those lines whenever someone, including myself, is constipated

Could've been worse. You could have ended up so backed up that your faeces ended up in your stomach and you started vomiting them. Good ol' reverse peristalsis.

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i remember an FML along those lines :p

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I was actually thinking about that one yesterday.......which says alot about my life/mind hmmmmmm.... anyway MOM FTW!

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i was thinkin' about that today lol

can that actually happen

I also thought about that one. LOL

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Can't believe your husband could do such a thing. (spiderman is officially dead people! Spiderman is dead!)

My favorite comments are the ones that belong with another FML.

Come on, it was the perfect setup for that joke ... Can you really blame her ?

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Exactly - how often do you get to make that joke? I know I wouldn't pass it up

hahahahah I wish my mom would say stuff like that

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My mom wouldn't definitely say something like that and I'd think it was hilarious. Lol

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Would* sorry

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OP's mom=epic win!