By duhasiangirl - 15/11/2012 00:48 - Canada - Cambridge

Today, my dad put an onion in my room, telling me spirits won't haunt me and that I won't get sick. He thinks a vegetable will protect me. FML
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secretsymbiote21 5

onions make them cry. your dad is a smart man.

Well, if you were a spirit, would you like to haunt a smelly room? I think not.


secretsymbiote21 5

onions make them cry. your dad is a smart man.

Onions also make the boys who come over for a booty call cry. VERY smart man.

decidedlyvague 11

He's been watching too many veggie tales.

^ You uh... can't spell or do the duckface right. What a gem.

Yeah, very nice... if you're making a stew.

it's an old wives tale a onion under a pillow is supposed to be good luck (not that I would keep an onion under my pillow)

CremeEggs 6

Well actually, there's a myth that says onions absorb virus' like cold and flu etc. Google it. They say its a bunch of hog wash, but you never know, it could be true.

Well, if you were a spirit, would you like to haunt a smelly room? I think not.

WeWalkIn1D 11

But then the air will smell like onions. Not my dream air freshener, in my opinion.

it's actually scientifically proven that open onions will absorb viruses. in the olden days people didn't have a name for their illnesses so they thought they were evil spirits haunting them and they thought the onion, which healed them of the sickness, prevented the "evil spirits" from coming. so essentially, his father is right. just saying

Neither 60 or 61 is correct. Please check a more reliable source people

bfsd42 20

60, I was going to thumb up your comment till I got to the end and saw "just saying" which resulted in a thumb down. Of course you are just saying. If you weren't, then your comment wouldn't exist.

60 What you're saying is impossible. Maybe onions can kill viruses, but there is no way that they can be attracted to onions.

"Ha! You think your puny onion can protect you?!" *throws onion two feet to the left*. "Your soul is mine now, foolish mortal!"

At least he cares about you. And now you have an excuse for when you cry :o

Well some vegetables can save you ... have you ever seen Veggie-tales?

What happened to the rest of my letters :(

winkydog4056 16

#6_How can the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything or a cucumber who can't find his hairbrush save you!?

I'm still waiting for the "Water Buffalo" I ordered through the mail.

You're right, they can't. But sometimes, a precious cheese burger can. And they definitely saved me from being scared of the boogie man...

I have no reason to reference madam blueberry here.

To everyone who commented on this particular comment. You're all awesome! I'm not a lone veggie-tale-er! :D

Wow I got thumbed down for a compliment? Lmao

JoanT 11

This was the best thread thank you!!

Onions do help when you have a cold. But i'm not sure what it does to spirits..

Yeah, that's really stupid. Everyone knows fruits are the way to go.

Actually a cut onion does keep your airways open in case of a cold and seems to help in curing said cold, guess your dad has some other crap mixed in there though

Why the hell not? This banana in my ear is keeping all the rabid bats away. Well you don't see any rabid bats, do you? So it must be working.

A banana in your ear does absolutely nothing to keep away rabid bats. On the other hand, a daily shot of whiskey keeps away centaurs.

skyeyez9 24

Doc, the banana is supposed to go in your butt.

#54, Um, no. No safety rim, so another doc would have to remove it.

MindFreakazoid 10

"Just stick a banana in your favorite ear... ...once it's in the rabid bats will disappear..."