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Today, I had to repeatedly explain to an increasingly angry lady that no, she couldn't get an ultrasound by using a referral letter from her psychic. FML
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Ultrasound is grainy where as crystal balls are so clear.


Really hoping her psychic misread that pregnancy test

wow psychic does a pregency test too...

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People get ultrasounds for reasons other than pregnancy. If she was pregnant she probably would have no issue getting an ultrasound, so I'm assuming she probably isn't.

Welp, just lost a few brain cells reading this one.

IAmzephyr 22

yep. some people are THAT dumb

I think people thought that he was commenting on OP's story being stupid rather than his commenting on OP's story

Kid, this is gonna be your mother. I wish you much luck

Dude, psychics are like, 100% legit. Who needs ultrasounds when you got freakin MAGIC, am I right?

@4, Right?! She should just wait until 9months and go completely on her psychic's word. And hey, if psychic is wrongnotwrong... There's always a chance she will appear on "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant"! Silver lining, people.

Need to implement a law that require people to get tested before having kids

Eugenics sounds so good on paper but there are a few things that make it pretty Nazi-ish in practice.

zeffra13 31

That's because eugenics is generally selecting for a genetic, non-changeable trait (such as as Nazis selecting for blue eyes). Selecting for intelligence is different but still has its complications. The other problem is, how to stop people from having kids? Centuries old question. Can't have forced abortion when abortion itself is barely still legal, and forced surgeries to prevent getting pregnant? Not gonna happen. Especially since certain idiocies like this case can be just a phase and will pass.

kill the idiots off by removing warning labels. I know I don't want them breathing my air.

How is abortion barely legal? You're an idiot. It's perfectly legal, as it should be. And it will more than likely never be illegal.

Ultrasound is grainy where as crystal balls are so clear.

@7, Iaughed so hard at this. Then laughed a mini-post-laugh when I realized you were Lucky Number 7.

There are smart people out there! But you have to wade through the idgits to find them!

There are few times that I will correct spelling, and this is going to be one of those times. Idiot*

I think she meant "idjit" and in her defense, it does also mean "idiot".

Oh I've just never heard that before, thanks

:O @32, Supernatural...? Bobby??? .... Every epic episode EVAR??? And then Garth briefly trying to be all OhaiI'mNewBobby.... You are missing out on great television, my friend. Lucifer is pretty cool in that show too. King of Hell Crowley is my favorite though. You should definitely watch it to complete the circle of life, and stuff.

Obsessed much? Over a mediocre show at that.

I hope the child has its fathers genes

If the father's with a woman that mental he can't be too special either.

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I'm pretty sure she forced her psychic to give her that letter though.