By 360whoroscoped - / Friday 16 January 2015 18:05 / United States - Saint Paul
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  LaurenRoxsU  |  9

@4, Right?! She should just wait until 9months and go completely on her psychic's word. And hey, if psychic is wrongnotwrong... There's always a chance she will appear on "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant"! Silver lining, people.

  zeffra13  |  31

That's because eugenics is generally selecting for a genetic, non-changeable trait (such as as Nazis selecting for blue eyes). Selecting for intelligence is different but still has its complications. The other problem is, how to stop people from having kids? Centuries old question. Can't have forced abortion when abortion itself is barely still legal, and forced surgeries to prevent getting pregnant? Not gonna happen. Especially since certain idiocies like this case can be just a phase and will pass.

  LaurenRoxsU  |  9

:O @32, Supernatural...? Bobby??? .... Every epic episode EVAR??? And then Garth briefly trying to be all OhaiI'mNewBobby.... You are missing out on great television, my friend. Lucifer is pretty cool in that show too. King of Hell Crowley is my favorite though. You should definitely watch it to complete the circle of life, and stuff.

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