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Today, my boyfriend and I were watching a scary movie. I was starting to get a small headache so he gently brushed my hair. During a scary part he jumped and hit me in the head as hard as he could with the brush. I'm still recovering from the migraine. FML
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angrydinosaur 4

He pretended to be scared just so he could hit you!

"As hard as he could"? Really? Did he use your brush as a baseball bat or something?


what a boss

What a prince.

agreed. what a prince.

prince of the agree?

TheRealHouse 7

What is happening to my gender...

your boyfriend seems like a bitch..not because he hit you,but because of the fact he jumped while watching a scary movie. #period

I thought the whole point of watching a scary movie was to be scared. How is he a bitch?

because there not scary . obviously.

Pixxio_O 11

Why does everyone keep putting "period" at the end of an fml comment, do they suddenly start their periods or something?

If he was such a bitch he wouldn't have put on the scary movie in the first place.

Bc they're retards and think this is twitter

Haha, I can almost hear the "EEK!" Girlieboy x)

Jvr91 8

Mad soft

prince122 0

someone call me?! :D

prince122 0

did some one call me?! :D

he did it bc she wasn't making a sammich

juicedboi 7

At first I thought you meant brushing with his hand, but then you mentioned the brush. All respect has been lost for this poor tortured remnant of a man. Look what you've done to him OP. He used to wrestle grizzly bears as drink his own piss... For shame!

chell1894 13

who brushes their hair when they have a head ache?

no, brushing your hair does not help with migraines. Nor does getting hit in the head with a brush cause them. I suffer from severe migraines, and they are a neurological disorder.

I love having my hair brushed, I find it really relaxing and soothing. I'd love it if someone did it for me when I had a headache.

Come on! I hate when people call a headache a migraine. They're two totally different things! Migraines are a neurological disorder that cause you to throw up, be disoriented, and sensitive to light and sound. So not when you get whacked with a brush, quit being dramatic.

as a migraine sufferer, I can tell you that getting whacked with a brush while in the midst of a migraine does not make matters better. in fact, it can make the pain escalate to the point where the person blacks out for a small bit and puke.

u could be concussed

carolinabreathin 0

Why was he brushing her hair with an actual brush..during a movie..? I find it odd when people brush my hair.

y were u brushing your hair to get rid r a headache?

Maybe it is relaxing,and relaxing will get rid of the headache

Herp derp duuhhhhhhhh

Katy326 10

I've never used a brush to do that, but my headaches tend to go away when someone runs their fingers through my hair. It is really relaxing.

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Nobody cares about your bad hygiene.

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I care about his incorrect assumptions. What now?!

Sometimes--it's relaxing so it can help relieve tension. That's the beauty of it :) I love when my BF brushes/plays with my hair

Do you love it when cats sit on your computer??

I never brush my hair

I'm black, I use a comb

I never brush my hair because its mad curly and puffs like an afro if I do. Pixie haircut?

cuz I comb it

That's gross.

jumble 12

How is not brushing your hair bad hygiene? Sure, it can look bad sometimes if you don't, but mine gets frizzy and poofy if I brush it so I don't do it unless I start to get knots in my hair. I wash it every day, so it's not dirty. Brushing it just makes it look neater for most people, just not me.

Brushing your hair helps get dirt or dust particles out of your hair. Plus it just looks better :)

I don't brush my hair with a BRUSH. I condition it nightly and run through it with my hands to make sure it's not knotty. I have really curly hair, brushing it with a brush would be a terrifying thing.

By any chance do you look like a snowman?

115 EXACTLYY. I love having curly hair but brushing it makes it scary looking.:P

a_nutritionist 10

@14 that still doesnt change the fact nobody gives a shit. i dont know what response you were expecting..."thats wonderful dear, have a cookie"?

Androidz 0

14 do you by any chance resemble a snowman?

Androidz 0

shot 116 beat me

PawsUp_fml 2

Not washing your hair is bad hygiene...brushing is to style it. So fail

What a *****

FMLover7 0


angrydinosaur 4

He pretended to be scared just so he could hit you!

yourlifeisbetter_fml 0

Hey, he needs his turn to smack her every once in a while. How's he supposed to hide all the bruises from his coworkers?

You should be given him a bj then randomly bite down hard and say oh sorry I got bored.

yes, that would solve everything.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

This has absolutely nothing to do with the FML.

Your wanted her to have a migraine and a black eye?

Use the brush as a *****... Problem solved

jdengel 0

you sound pretty whinny... I would hate to be your bf... whining about a migraine when your bf was trying to make you feel better

you clearly dont get mirgranes, it was a mistake but him saying sorry isnt going to make the pain go away

I wish my boyfriend would brush my hair.... (;

bawlerr75 9

I like yuur hair;)

sematariux 7

Are you a guy?

bawlerr75 9

Who ?

prince122 0

I think thats her boyfriend.

bawlerr75 9

I don't even know that guy I just like his hair :)

I meant boy friend as on boy that's a friend... And yes ima guy ;D

bawlerr75 9