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Today, my boyfriend and I were watching a scary movie. I was starting to get a small headache so he gently brushed my hair. During a scary part he jumped and hit me in the head as hard as he could with the brush. I'm still recovering from the migraine. FML
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  juicedboi  |  7

At first I thought you meant brushing with his hand, but then you mentioned the brush. All respect has been lost for this poor tortured remnant of a man. Look what you've done to him OP. He used to wrestle grizzly bears as drink his own piss... For shame!

  lv8898  |  0

no, brushing your hair does not help with migraines. Nor does getting hit in the head with a brush cause them. I suffer from severe migraines, and they are a neurological disorder.

  KungFuManda  |  3

Come on! I hate when people call a headache a migraine. They're two totally different things! Migraines are a neurological disorder that cause you to throw up, be disoriented, and sensitive to light and sound. So not when you get whacked with a brush, quit being dramatic.

  amazed_71  |  14

as a migraine sufferer, I can tell you that getting whacked with a brush while in the midst of a migraine does not make matters better. in fact, it can make the pain escalate to the point where the person blacks out for a small bit and puke.

  Katy326  |  10

I've never used a brush to do that, but my headaches tend to go away when someone runs their fingers through my hair. It is really relaxing.

  jumble  |  12

How is not brushing your hair bad hygiene? Sure, it can look bad sometimes if you don't, but mine gets frizzy and poofy if I brush it so I don't do it unless I start to get knots in my hair. I wash it every day, so it's not dirty. Brushing it just makes it look neater for most people, just not me.

  BeachBumm  |  0

I don't brush my hair with a BRUSH. I condition it nightly and run through it with my hands to make sure it's not knotty. I have really curly hair, brushing it with a brush would be a terrifying thing.