By sarahijklmnop - United States - Louisville
Today, I started at my first job. Within the first five minutes of arriving, I was followed around by a white guy who repeatedly sang to me, "Black people love making music" along with a few of his own songs. It resulted in me getting fired for bringing my "boyfriend" to work. I didn't even know him. FML
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  xNephilim  |  18

One, they could easily distract you from the work you're supposed to do. Two, depending on where you work, it could also be a liability issue. What if the boyfriend gets hurt? Employees are usually covered by some sort of insurance. Tag-alongs, however, are not.

  xNephilim  |  18

Meh, edit time ran out. I was gonna add to my comment. The only way it's ever okay for you to bring somebody to work with you is if you talked to your boss about it and if they don't distract you. If, for some reason, I ever have to bring someone into work with me, I'll tell them to wait at McDonald's (I work at Walmart) or at least stay out of my work area. That kind of stuff is okay. Other than that, it's a big no no.

  pokemai  |  6

3 -
It is a slang used for white people, trying to act black.
You know "white nigger"=wigger ..
Seriously. Google it next time



It's a white person acting 'black'. Essentially just acting like all of the negative stereotypes: sagging pants, sideways baseball cap, thinks they're "gangsta", etc


I don't care if you are white, black, latino, asian or from the moon. "wigger" is not okay. Saying that a white person in acting like a "nigger" is extremely disrespectful and degrading to black people considering it is almost always linked to inappropriate and low-class behavior. They aren't acting "black" they are acting stupid! To use the two as if they mean the same thing is disgusting and rude, and yes, i am black... I am also i teenager and hear this type of thing in school every day. It's really upsetting.

By  Bakarra  |  22

I'm never sure how some posters somehow don't ever have any chance to explain themselves in fmls like this, it's like OPs job just fires people on the spot for being followed by customers and OP had 0 say or time to explain the matter I just don't believe it sometimes...


Be careful, the FML team doesn't like it when people imply that it might be fake. To them, nobody lies on the Internet, and to say otherwise is blasphemous.

You don't want the Ministry of Truth stealing you away in the middle of the night, so you might want to mention how much you love Big Bro...errr, I mean FML