By Anonymous - 14/11/2012 21:55 - United States - Scarsdale

Today, knowing that I have been in a lot of stress lately, my friend tried to teach me how to meditate. Eventually, I ended up in a deeply relaxed state in which my mind was completely clear. When I snapped out of it, I realized I'd peed myself. FML
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I automatically read "meditate" as "**********". Oops

Does a 50 year old man wear boxers or briefs? Depends! (Get some.)


Does a 50 year old man wear boxers or briefs? Depends! (Get some.)

How does it make a difference unless he was wearing a diaper?

Depends is a brand of diaper-underwear hybrid...

Duh! 8- Idiot. It was a joke! I found it quite funny myself:D

Sucking up gets you nowhere, 26. As you'll soon see, commenting upon that fact goes nowhere as well but at this point, I'm bury baiting.

Hey uh... 42? She's hot, so your argument is invalid. Cheers :)

I automatically read "meditate" as "**********". Oops

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You know you've been around FML too long when...

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No big deal, this happens to everyone.

So urine a lot of stress huh? I hear meditating is good for that... Oh, maybe not hahaha

Clearly, this guy is not a wizz at puns.

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idk i thought it was kinda funny (but thats probably just pee)

At least it wasn't sleep paralysis. That would've been STRESSFUL!

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I find sleep paralysis to be an interestingly weird experience every time it happens.

I enjoy it. It makes it very easy to enter a lucid dream

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Congratulations grasshopper. You have achieved the ultimate state of relaxation.

Not until he soils himself from the rear has he achieved the "ultimate" state.

At least it wasn't your anal sphincter that relaxed.

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Maybe it did and there was just nothing that needed to come out lol

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hey that stuff happens. hopefully your friend didn't notice. and if he did. FYL

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Now, you smell of urine and have to walk around in public sporting a giant pee stain. I'm guessing that's more stressful than the state you were in before. Your friend must be a bear of a yogi.

Go watch a movie or something, I don't think meditation seems cut out for you.