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Well your father seems rather accepting.

Say EAT THIS!!! And punch him in the face


Say EAT THIS!!! And punch him in the face

Today, I punched my dad in the face, I am now homeless. FML

I don't think punching him would of made it any better. Maybe they though you were joking? Try telling them again, preferably when they're away from the freezer.

What a waste of a first comment...

Punching dad is never the answer.

"Oops I slipped"

What a waste of a 44th comment.

This comment = WIN

how fucking retarded are you #1? Since when punching your father has resolved any issues while you're still living in your parents house? All you will achieve will be a homeless status and a broken face if not much more. You potato heads should start thinking before writing down these emotion filled buttrage comments.

It's a fucking joke. Kill yourself.

Well your father seems rather accepting.

Your shirt fell off.

Yeah he is, i wonder how he would reply if OP said he/she was homosexual? Rub a private part to his/her face? That would be.. different.

Nope I took it off there's a difference.

Why'd you take it off drew? You aren't impressing anyone. I will personally buy each and every person on here who take shirtless pictures of themselves for their picture a shirt to wear.

Except for the women, 70

Wow 55 you really are a genius... Keep showing off your pecs

Wow, you guys are still getting all prudish about a topless photo? Good lord I hope you never see anyone walking down the street topless... poor bastard would probably get egged or something.

I know right. Since when is eye candy a bad thing?

70, Is it a good shirt? If so I may consider putting up a shirtless photo for the freebie...

2/55's head also seemed to fall off.

Sounds like an old simpsons episode

Yea my favorite part of that episode was where Homer flips a steak too hard and it goes into Lisas bedroom window. Lisa talks about how they could at least not throw it in her face that everyone else eats meat. Cue the steak landing in her face. Lol

It was a lamb

(to the conga) You can't make friends with salad! You can't make friends with salad!

Naughty Dads strike again! Seems to be a lot of Dads behaving badly lately... Bless their cotton sox...

I'd rather take that then being made fun of

nah I'm sure he just loves take meat to face... if you know what I mean ;)

51: 1, raw meat. Raw, bloody, uncooked meat. How is a hotdog/sausage worse? 2, ... expectcttacltlly? What did you write?

55 meant "especially", you idiot.

Personally, I would say thank you. In your case barrage him with cooked broccoli.

Asparagus makes a good spear type of projectile.

Raw carrots would do better than asparagus.

Let's all settle on pineapples.

No wait Bananas are the ultimate weapon!! Ask that chicks Grandma!!

How about watermelon?

Euw that was gross and mean My sympathy OP

Tell him: " you've made me very worried as I have just realized I am genetically related to a retard".

Paradoxically, it would appear that her father thought exactly the same thing before putting on a puppet show for his evolution impaired offspring.

You should get a live cow and say 'Eat me Eat me!' and then throw him at the cow

That didn't make any sense

It would be better if it was a bull. As in, better it be a bull than a cow.

Your father should accept your choice instead of mocking it.