By Anonymous - 22/03/2014 23:07 - United States - Auberry

Today, my dad decided to shave his beard. I told him I wanted him to keep it, so he took the shavings, put them in a jar, and left it in my room. FML
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dakotahulsey 15

Now you can put it on and impress girls.

Well you didn't specify where you wanted him to keep it..


dakotahulsey 15

Now you can put it on and impress girls.

That would only work if op was a guy or was into girls.

dakotahulsey 15

Thank you for letting me know

Wait, you meant 's(h)aved'? :D ... No, still not funny

Lct1196 31

I like how this entire string of comments all have a large number of negative ratings

Well you didn't specify where you wanted him to keep it..

SemiAuto 21

Must've been a hairy situation.

I still don't know why this got x such negative votes. I loved it. I laughed way to long at this actually.

SemiAuto 21

I'm sorry. I'm new to this app and did not realize it would get so many down votes.

SemiAuto 21

People must not like puns lol.

mad_hatter0666 22

Nah...we don't mind puns, it's just that one has been really over used here.

Puns are supposed to be creative and funny. This was obvious and overused.

People on iFunny love puns, FML users, not so much. Especiall all the overused "situation" ones

Maybe he took it a little too literal.. hopefully he has a great sense of humour and didn't actually think you wanted his beard in a jar!

I'm pretty sure his sense of humor is the reason why he put it in a jar in the first place.

Maybe he just had a special bond to his dad's beard.

Or maybe because if your dad doesnt have a beard you have two mums.

Or maybe it's like with my dad where you've only ever seen him with a beard and couldn't imagine him without it. My dad shaved his beard only once before and I thought there was a stranger sleeping on my living room couch when I got home that night. Weirdest situation ever.

bluucat 17

Guess he wasn't clear about what you meant...

#9 Just like how OP wasn't clear what he meant in the FML

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#13- No, OP was pretty clear about it...

Now you can glue it to yourself ... wherever you need hair.

Sounds more like an FML for him. "Today, my [son/daughter] told me [he/she] wanted me to keep my beard. So I shaved it off and put it in a jar in [his/her] room. [He/she] is now afraid to come near me. FML"