By ugh - 04/07/2016 17:26 - United States - Milford

Today, my dad had a midlife crisis in the grocery store over his football career in high school. So he decided pelting me with vegetables and fruits would be a good idea. FML
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He can't just go buy a convertible like every other midlife douche bag??


He can't just go buy a convertible like every other midlife douche bag??

this FML needs a follow up. He should try to be the football coach at his school. That's the closest he'll get.

Is your dad Al Bundy?

Le_ponderer 14

Seems you need to help him find a hobby. Something that'd give him purpose,make him feel strong and relevant. The store'll probably make him pay for any damaged good though; so be ready for him to be even more morose.

don't start WINE-ing about it. Cause their fruits? no. ok

But seriously he shouldn't wine that much about it. At least he has a dad who's willing to play with him like that. Yeah it's a little embarrassing but I would say op is more so lucky.

I feel like in FML, a thumbs-down is worth more than a thumbs-up? So a thumbs-up is what you get

I would find this a hilarious experience and perfect bonding.

Was he a quarterback?

Lol we've all been there

Is his name Rico and have an old conversion van? He can throw a football over mountains and he could've taken State.

For a second I thought he was referring to soccer, so I was confused on why he was pelting OP with fruits and veg