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#10 you'd be surprised how easy it is to break your hand by punching someone in the forehead. I know 3 different guys who've hit someone so hard that not only did they split the other persons eyebrows open, they also broke several bones in their hands. You should punch softer parts of the body, and if someone's swinging at you try to block with your elbows.

  RobertoZ  |  5

Sometimes it isn't .Remember the variables.OP could have been in a suit of armor.OP could be super muscled and it was a 1st grader who punched her.

By  bellles  |  18

What a selfish bitch. She could have vandalized to get suspended if that's what she really wanted...I swear some people really just don't think before they act.

  bellles  |  18

#82 vandalism can be, in most cases, cleaned up. Punching someone can cause a lot of emotional damage ect. Between the two I would say vandalism is less selfish, but thats just me. Not that I condone vandalism though ...