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By Rebecca - 16/04/2012 18:49 - United States - Bloomfield

Today, my mom admitted that the only reason she took me out for lunch was because she felt guilty over going on a massive shopping spree for my sister while I was forced to stay home alone. I thanked her for the Wendy's meal anyway. FML
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Can't complain about fresh, never frozen beef.

NoFeet 4

Tell her you always liked your dad more anyways.


Can't complain about fresh, never frozen beef.

Sing_Along 7

I the mom felt guilty about it then obviously it doesn't happen that often. Which means she might not have favorites, it might he just been random. Chin up op, I bet she's done the same for you at some point.

SignUpisntcool 3

The moment I was reading this FML, a Wendy's commercial came on T.V.

It's destiny. You should go to wendys right now...

Wendy's gives you herpes.

Shoulda yelled "Bitch, I'm thinking Arby's!"

sovetskiy 8

Their chili is fantastic :D

I work at Wendy's... Don't get the chili. Everything else is top quality, but consider yourself warned about the chili.

65- sucks to be you. Do you really have special powers? (Scott pilgrim vs world)

TheEpicMilkMan 13

86 - put a shirt on please :c my eyes are ruined now

99 suck my dick.

i'd take a 3/4 lb cheeseburger over a shopping spree....nothing beats a full stomach!

I'll take a huge shopping spree over a 5 dollar burger combo any day

fuwomp 0

Clothes does.

Cloths don't*

lebronesque73091 12

I hate it when parents play favorites :/

I'd gladly go out for Wendy's any day over a shopping spree. You can't complain that's more than some people are fortunate enough to eat.

Wow. That's deep. -.-

Is this the part when you guilt me into giving money? Ethos, eh?

37- That'd be pathos.

as deep as a puddle- go out on a shopping spree, and donate your old clothes for those not fortunate enough to have any...

Just because some people have things worse, doesn't mean that other people aren't allowed to complain... I'm sure you've complained about something, and I'm also sure that somebody has it way worse than you.

Well at least you seemed nice and mature about it even though your mom really messed up.

NoFeet 4

Tell her you always liked your dad more anyways.

4everblackjack 10

Someone's playing favorites :3 but hey, you know what to do when she's old & lonely -wink wink-

8- That's called elder abuse. Not cool.

4everblackjack 10

18- I'm sorry, it was a joke. I'm half asleep & I have no idea what I type sometimes :( I didn't think anyone would take my comment seriously..T.T

Dw, if people couldn't see it was a joke, they're dumb. :p

No 70, it was just a shit joke

linkinpark98 23

Ahh, favoritism.

I would assume you'r not her favorite. Or you have a job and she assumes you will buy your own stuff.

NoFeet 4

What's with all the watches?!?!

Find out Ur own self then ask again

NoFeet 4

Haha... I still don't understand the point of wearing 8 watches, but ok?

maybe he loves watches? i don't really need 16 computers either but i do cause i love them!

NoFeet 4

I hope you're joking. If not, you have wasted a crapload of money. 16 computers would pointless... But who am I to judge?

NoFeet 4

Aw crap I forgot to add in a "be" between would and pointless. My bad.

MrBrightside21 20

Meanwhile in Africa... Sent from my iPhone.

What's wrong with 16 computers? I use MacBooks as tables and tablets as coasters.. Doesn't everyone?

My husband has a lot of computers too. He buys them for really cheap and fixes them. Then he resells them for a crap load of cash. He might not have actually paid that much for them.

12 of them are used daily, so you can chill out bro!

Pentium_4, why on earth do you need to use 12 computers on a daily basis?

well I built them all (the desktops): 1 for the parents, 1 runs Linux to route the internet and dish out DHCP, 1 plays Netflix on our bigscreen, my personal laptop, my brothers laptop I gave him for school, seedbox, file server, upstairs HTPC, my gaming computer, the others run [email protected] And only 4 of them are Pentium 4's ;)

NoFeet 4

Whoa hold on! I was never angry in the first place! I was just wondering what anyone could use 16 computers for.

I didn't think you were angry, and neither was i :P

NoFeet 4

Oh, well you said "So you can chill out bro!" So I assumed you thought I was mad or something.

skyeyez9 24

My dad played favorites too. He flat out told me it is because "my son will pass on the family name, you can't."

MrBrightside21 20

Yeah. My parents say they like my brothers more because I'm adopted.

That's terrible ... :(

Wendy's is some quality stuff.