By NaKreen - 30/07/2012 22:21 - Sweden - Bor

Today, I was at a barbecue with my extended family. I was chatting to my grandma, when my idiotic brother decided to douse the grill with his cola. The hissing sounded so much like a Minecraft creeper that I instinctively screamed and practically shat my pants. FML
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There still was an explosion in your pants.

You should've pulled out your pickaxe and built a wall around that shit. Creepers are serious business.


There still was an explosion in your pants.


Shit happens, this one you deserved.

You should probably get out more.

30- Explain to me why she deserved this?

this happens to me EVERY day!

47, op is a he.

52- Wow I'm an idiot. I need to get my facts straight first. I assumed it was a girl from the screaming part.

Life_is_FML 22

That's what you get for playing minecraft.

JKr3slEMO 5

well those minecraft creepers are pretty scary...

47- HE deserved it because this whole thing happened because of his Minecraft addiction.

78 you should try playing minecraft without getting addicted. It is very hard.

78- I've already admitted to my stupidity, there is no reason to take it any further.

78- I've already admitted to my stupidity, there is no reason to take it any further.

85/86 like your stupidity posting things twice. Ha

92- Cool your jets. You're no better than anyone else. He probably hit the send button twice, it takes a while to load sometimes -- and if you don't know to wait -- you double post.

I'm sorry about double posting also. It's the first time it's happened and I'm truly sorry... Why do I keep messing up in this FML. Jesus...

Man, imagine if creepers were real, the world would be a terrible place. Let your guard down for too long... sssSSSS *BOOM*. OP is just preparing for the creeper apocalypse, though I'm not so sure of his chances of survival.

#69, And I need to get my thumbs straight. I thumbed you up by mistake, and not just for getting OP's gender wrong.

AND they get stronger in the new update!!!

unknown_user5566 26

115- It's not necessary to broadcast who you thumbed up or thumbed down.

115 - I purposefully thumbed you down. And not just for accidentally thumbing 69 up -.-

81 - one of the many reasons I have never played minecraft, that and it looks boring to me

We can see the thumbs ourselves. No need to find out who's responsible for each one.

115- I thumbed you down too, but not by accident.

You never need to get out more!

I can totally relate op! Too funny!

Me too, my friend told me to put down a torch so he could see one night.

Thanks for the story.

American dad ftw

I can relate to this too. They are pretty frightening at first. game problems.

I have no idea what Minecraft is or what a creeper is so this story makes absolutely no sense to me. I guess that's just one of the drawbacks of not being a virgin...?

Yeah 169 way to go ahead and be a giant douche just so you know plenty of nonvirgins and girls play minecraft. So you make absolutely no sense to me, but I guess that's just one of the drawbacks of not being a colossal dumbass.

How the hell did you lose your virginity if your so damn ugly? @169

Well, in 169's 2-dimensional mind... that must make her a ****.

Drawbacks of not being a virgin ? What the hell ? Even I know what mine craft is and I'm not a virgin ... It has nothing to do with that and more to do with whether you like playing or not. Don't have to be a bitch about it.

Oh lighten up it was blatantly a joke. Unlike the personal attack on my appearance from 178 that gets thumbed up?!

Yeah it wasn't a very funny joke.

Thank you Captain Obvious.

cupcakekallie 6

You're welcome sergeant sarcasm :)

You should've pulled out your pickaxe and built a wall around that shit. Creepers are serious business.

Yeah, hate it when they go through the open space in your roof, that you intended to use for sunlight because you have no glass or torches, then blow your shit up.

Zoroark899 6

That's why you keep ocelots around. Unless you're playing xbox version. Then just put sand in a furnace. BAM! Problem solved.

I hope you know that putting sand in a furnace on the computer also yields glass.

Apparently they are going to be even worse in v3.0

Apparently they are going to be even worse in v3.0

Saryrr 3

What the fu... BOOM!

unknown_user5566 26

Oddly enough, I am most worried about the food in this FML. I hope your idiotic brother didn't pour his soda on the food. That would be such a waste of delicious bbq!

reallytho3 11

Yea lol forget the possible long term burns and worry about the barbecue that will be gone in a day :D

perdix 29

Actually, some people use Coke as a secret ingredient in their bbq sauce. Not me, but others do, so I've heard :)

Not so secret anymore, eh?

unknown_user5566 26

I'm disappointed in you, Perdix. I certainly thought you would have more exciting secret ingredient suggestions. ;)

unknown_user5566 26

Erm... Yes. Garlic. That's what I meant... I certainly didn't mean to suggest anything sexual. Nope, I'd never do that. ;)

So you're implying adding sex to your burger will make it taste good. I better try that!

reallytho3 11

I think she's talkin about bacon... Doesn't get any sexier than that ;)

I was kind of thinking what perdix was.

I was kind of thinking what perdix was.

I was kind of thinking what perdix was.

unknown_user5566 26

75/77- Adding sex or bacon (or both!) to something makes pretty much any situation or object better. ;)

Kylee do I let the meat marinate in the sperm first or add my garlic and then the fresh nipple milk?

unknown_user5566 26

Mix the sperm and fresh nipple milk, marinate for a few hours, then add the garlic, and wrap it in bacon before putting the meat on the grill. I find that mixture maximizes the flavor. Enjoy. ;)

I have an idea. Let's open a restaurant! I mean, what could go wrong. It'll be hard getting around the health inspector.

unknown_user5566 26

Naw, we'll just pay the health inspector off. Surely money or sex will do the trick.

What if the inspectors gay? I assure you, I will not be takin one for the team.

unknown_user5566 26

Well if you won't take one for the team, I question your dedication to our hypothetical restaurant!

No, you don't understand. I have anal tissue problems. Don't ask how I got the problems. I was very young and was exploring my body.

unknown_user5566 26

o.O I am unsure how to respond to that one, sir! Regardless, go see a doctor (or therapist?) and get checked out so that we can start our restaurant. ;)

You still don't understand. There are places I just won't get stitches and never will. We will have to hope the inspector is either straight or lesbian.

perdix 29

Yikes! Good thing I didn't follow this thread. It seems to have wandered into a very dark place!

It's all because you left us to wallow in the hole we just dug for ourselves. Thanks Perdix, thanks.

Agreed Perdix, agreed

Have you been lurking into our conversation also?

unknown_user5566 26

Perdix, you know as well as I do that you've written comments much darker than the ones in this thread. If you want to be a part of this restaurant, just ask. I might allow it. ;)

Whoa Whoa. Don't I have a say in this?

Well, guys, I do happen to be a health inspector, so I can rig things so that I just happen to be the restaurant's inspector every year. Oh, by the way, so you know, I like my steaks medium-raw with a touch of extra "special sauce", if you catch my drift.

4- Ahh, a woman after my own heart! Protect the meat! ;P Actually though, soda doesn't always ruin BBQ. Try marinating a steak in cola with sliced up kiwis on top for a few hours. Does surprising wonders for tenderizing. :)

#158 that sounds absolutely delicious! I absolutely love BBQ, and that marinade sounds like the meat would be very sweet tasting. I think some marinades make the meat taste too salty.

Haha read my mind. A waste of foods is a damn shame. Especially if it's steak or ribs. YUM!

I wonder what the grandma thought XD

Probably that her grandson needs some psychiatric help :)

She was probably screaming about the creepers

I feel your pain, brother. At least you didn't have a diamond sword AND MOTHERFUCKING OBSIDIAN THAT YOU NEEDED TO MA- I've made my point. FYL.

No sarcasm intended here go on with this story you left in the middle of, leaving me stranded and confused.

Mkay then. I needed it for a Nether portal, and I got hopelessly lost looking for it after I respawned. *high fives Tobuscus fan*

No I'm more of a achievement hunter fan but still high fives Minecraft fan

You cannot afford ford ford my diamond sword sword sword!

I've never played minecraft before.

Yay Tobuscus fans *gives many high fives of epicosity*

I could feel the IQ points drain out of my ear with "epicosity".

Tobuscus is awesome, freakin' dangit

Link5794 18

Sword, my diamond sword, sword You cannot afford, 'ford, 'ford my diamond sword, sword!

Instinctively screamed?? You scream during minecraft?

You've obviously never played minecraft on an intense level

I've never full blown screamed while playing, but I gotta admit, I've let out a few, "OH SH*T"s while playing..

-45 but your a girl most likely, and a Minecraft fan... How is this possible?

missyj0 12

I'm a female and Minecraft happens to be one of my favorite games. It's sad how much I can relate to this FML...

-60 I was just kidding I have friends that are girls that play Minecraft too. I don't mean this rudely if you read it that way.

I scream and have an arm spasm whenever a creeper explodes or a skeleton shoots at me.

56: Yes, I'm a girl, and I play video games. I play on the Xbox with my boyfriend and other guy friends, and I play other games on the computer. I don't consider myself a gamer though, I just like to play games in my free time..

On XBL I have a friend who's girlfriend plays on XBL they play Minecraft together and we play cod together.

kirbeaar 19

Don't be silly, girls play Minecraft. It is most definitely my favorite game in the world.

i dont see how you cant scream or make irate noises when creepers explode xD

Who doesn't scream while playing Minecraft?!? Some of the scariest shit is when you turn a corner and a creeper is waiting for you.

When I first started playing Minecraft, irl I would be scared to go into the dark because of the creepers and such... --'

VIPwhenever 15

I think the real question here is, he s**t's himself every time he hears a mine craft creeper.

JadeWalker 14

Same here haha ive had plenty of things messed up because those fu**ers.

theWINDOWmonster 3

171: That wasn't a question.

wouldn't you scream if you ran into a monster from a game in real life?

No the worse moments with creepers are when you just walk into your house after a successful mining trip and you realize the hard way how much lighting you actually need to keep mobs from spawning.

Inheritance 10

I honestly can't understand the purpose

Inheritance 10

I honestly can't understand the purpose of mine craft. I mean it's like 70s graphics and you walk around as a retarded looking block guy and build shit from blocks.

theWINDOWmonster 3

You don't understand it because you don't have an imagination and/or are not creative. Minecraft is a game for people who like to imagine and create things. Judging by your profile, you probably enjoy more simple minded things like call of duty or halo.

Dude. Yes. Scariest stuff man.

The scariest shit is when a creeper somehow gets into your house and blows up right in your face.

You know you're a gamer when...

U know you have a problem when... fail to spell out simple words such as "you".

I hope you have no babies in your family. mother ******* Ghasts.

coolbrony12 3

Yah Ghasts sound like babies dying. Or retarded elephants. Oh sh!t an Enderman g2g!

Still not a good reason to shit in your pants.

You've obviously never played minecraft on an intense level

If you ever played minecraft, you know your instinct when you see a creeper is to either run or fight it like a man. They sneak up on you and destroy your buildings that take you hours to build, especially in caves where they can knock you off cliffs or into lava, and destroy all your valuable items. They're like one of the most hated enemies. Since OP was up against walking dynamite vs his fists, your instinct is to run, or in OP's case, shit.