By Imdeadlmaokillme - United Kingdom - Twickenham
Today, I learned the meaning behind the phrase, "Love you long time". It's from the movie Full Metal Jacket, when a hooker comes in and says, "Me so horny, me love you long time." I've been saying this to my parents and people at school, having no idea what it really means for over 2 weeks. FML
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By  nzhx  |  23

Well if no one said anything to you about it, I doubt they know - so you're good. But definitely make sure you know what you're saying next time you decide to pick up a new phrase or word

By  TheRussianNavy  |  11

You should know the meaning of the phrase before using it in public or with your family. With that said YDI. Just know for the future, see if there is any other meaning for the phrase (or even word), this avoids embarrassment.

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

That's sucks and is pretty embarrassing, but I can't help but think you deserve this for using the phrase without knowing, or at least looking up, where it actually came from. Using something without knowing its origin can get you in trouble sometimes.