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  v4extreme  |  6

Are aware that burning charcoal inside kills you? It eats up the oxygen in the room and fills the air with carbon monoxide. That's the point of the fml.


45, are you aware that burning 'anything' indoors will 'eat up' oxygen? ... For that matter, so does breathing.. Also, it's carbon dioxide, not monoxide(you get that from cars)


No.. It's carbon monoxide.. I have a monoxide detector in my house and I'm not aware of my family ever using the cars in my house... someone needs to go back to grade 10 science.

  ceji3  |  13

... No. Carbon monoxide is released via cars, charcoal, etc. CO2 is released by breathing and volcanoes release CO2 as well. Oxygen wasters like you need to be thrown into outer space where there is no O2 for you to waste...

  enonymous  |  8

Trying to understand the FML. For all we know his father lives in a hut with an open roof. Might be an overcooked or under seasoned steak which would make any man cry.

  EnEl_Infierno  |  15

It doesn't it supppsed be a joke, hello cooking steaks, indoors on charcoal grill all the smoke its bound to make, hence the smoked steaks. Aw f this now I am really am hungry with steaks here and thinking of the b-day girl making want cake, I'm gona go raid my fridge.


enonymous, I don't know about you, but in my part of the country, snoodleriffic is a term meaning "great and mighty mustache man". Is it just a coincidence, or are you the one chosen to lead us against the tyranny and oppression of the armies of Captain Hare E. Beever?

  zinoxity  |  23

Have you ever smelled burned charcoal? Imagine your house filled with burned charcoal smoke...
-.- Also, inhaling it is hazardous. It can kill you.