By sillymink - 20/08/2016 02:06 - United States

Today, I accidentally farted in the middle of my grandfather's funeral and my cousin started cracking up. It caused a chain reaction of laughter throughout all of the other cousins and my siblings. Now my aunts won't speak to any of us. FML
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There is no reason why your Aunts raised such a big stink about it.

That's some strong laughing gas right there...


That's some strong laughing gas right there...

Mah Nigga Harambe

There is no reason why your Aunts raised such a big stink about it.

Did you think it would be silent or did it slip out? If #1 ydi of #2 fyl

What if it was neither?

That was just your grandfather hangin out.

If your grandfather knew his offspring was laughing and happy, just think how pissed he'd be! Respect those you love who have died by being utterly miserable at their funerals!

chrisbeaudoin 26

I honestly don't understand funerals. Some cultures don't mourn and instead celebrate the after life, I'd rather go out with people celebrating rather than them crying in a crowded room.

Seriously thinking the same thing. If gramps was there, OP, he'd be laughing too!

unless thier granpa was a dick

In Ireland they cremate the person and then they go party (and of course drink, they're Irish;))

Lots of people do parties after funerals, like the Irish xD The funeral is there to say goodbye and to remember your loss, then the party is a celebration of the dead person's life

Don't feel bad about it OP! Stuff like that happens, and I'm sure your grandfather would be glad his grandkids are all happy and smiling.

Eh, shit happens...or close to it.

Your grandfather wouldn't want everyone sulking around anyways.

i wish my aunts wouldn't talk to me