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Today, at soccer tryouts, the coach made us run the entire practice. I ran the whole two hours ahead of everyone. When the tryout ended, I vomited due to dehydration. I didn't make the team. The coach's reasoning: "Only the weak throw up". FML
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That's such horseshit, appeal to one of the other coaches since there are normally more than one. That actually shows you have the best fitness there, yes I am a fellow football player, carry on.


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He should hurl his throw up at the coach

Or join another soccer team and beat your coach's team. then laugh at his face

Not relevant, but #1--or should I say 9?--who did you murder for your username?

The_9th_Doctor 18

I didn't murder anyone. The hell are you talking about.

i think #38 was referring to doctor who.

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Screw that coach, join cross country, they would probably love to have you.

no, 38 was talking about how many people probably wanted his name.

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#32 Tell him he's stinky, and a meanie too! That'll show him!

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David Tennant was amazing! #67

I think I sense an overriding aura of pessimism coming from #67, or should I say user "ColdplaySucks".

#49 (you'll probably never see this) - While you are correct and I commend the informational altruism, comment #41 was a brilliant Whovian joke of its own!

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That's such horseshit, appeal to one of the other coaches since there are normally more than one. That actually shows you have the best fitness there, yes I am a fellow football player, carry on.

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If you throw up that usually shows how hard you work. My school wins state and excels in every sport and ee appreciate someone who pushes her/himself to the point of throwing up.

Making it on a team at my school is like a popularity contest. total bs

When that happens to me, I just hold it in. It is very hard to do, but it can be done. It is not like a illness where you literally have no choice. Just throwing that out there. I never have thrown up due to exercise.

my coach would actually get mad at me if i threw up. yes it shows youre working hard, but pushing youraelf to the point of throwing up is dangerous and not healthy. if done repeatedly, it can cause many problems due to the acidity of your stomach acid and bile (like causing damage to your esophagus and mouth).

definitely doesnt make your weak though

Op obviously tried to their fullest extent... Obviously if you havnt puked you have never pushed yourself to the maximum.

I throw up when ever I work too hard. I don't know what it is but my whole life, even though I'm in good shape, I puke after a difficult workout. I can feel it coming and I can hold it in till after but then it just comes out. Pretty disgusting I know but it just happens.

95- do you drink while working out? if so, how much? chugging water down during a work out can actually be bad and cause you to throw up. you need to take small sips every once in a while. or maybe your electrolyte levels go down. when i exercise, i can only take gatorade or powerade because water doesnt have electrolytes, and i would throw up or pass out

Yeah I drink before and during the workout but its not like I chug water. I don't drink Gatorade just because the salt content but I don't think the reason I puke is dehydration.

thats really weird. if you havent, you should get that checked out, just to make sure everything is okay. i also have a really low iron and hemoglobin level and it causes me to get nauseous after being active. throwing up repeatedly is really detrimental to your health and you should find the reason before something bad happens to you :/ good luck with everything :)

I'm not a very healthy guy and I've gotten sick of going to the doctor for shit like this cause they can't figure out dick all. I've had just about every test known to man (blood, CT, MRI) done and they can't find anything so I don't know.

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Athletes will do almost anything to make a team. Op tried his hardest, and his coach was an asshole. This wasn't Op's fault at all.

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So OP shouldn't have tried his best during try outs? Seems to me he tried his best, and then some causing him to throw up.

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You haven't listened to the song "remember the name" have you?

I beg to differ. It was his fault, vomiting due to dehydration can be avoided by.... Taking a bottle of water with you

Stay hydrated. Drink water the entire day before the intense workout, then drink it sparingly when you are exercising; too much during the time can cause cramps and stomach tenderness. Also eat plenty of healthy food at lunch then eat a sugary granola bar or something similar right before you run. Anyway, that coach sounds awful. At least you made it through the two hours before you puked!

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104 & 110: I agree and that is all I meant by my comment. If OP wasn't properly prepared for the tryout, who knows if (s)he would do the same thing again during the season. An athlete does not have to make themselves sick to do their best. Dehydration can be a serious issue.

Jesus guys, get your shit together. Vomiting can be caused from over exercising no matter how hydrated you are. OP tried there hardest during the practice and the coach was a dick. Also, vomiting from over exercising isn't potentially dangerous for your health, just a sign that you should take a break.

the coach shouldnt do that. if he noticed you running well wouldnt he have said something? was he to focused on his phone?

I know right? That coach is a douche. He should have given the OP support and advice to fix the issue, or at least just not be an asshole. I wonder why he decided to be a coach in the first place.

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Seems like it's time for a switch. I loved soccer but the coach was a complete moron so I switched to XC, you seems like you would be good at that OP.

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Damn technology... always a distraction in situations like this!

Do you really want to play for such an asshole? Count your blessings that he cut you. If that's the way he thinks, imagine his reaction if you miss a penalty kick.

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Coaches I know have been known to choose favorites during try-outs and go by appearance. Looks like OP wasn't one.

Honestly OP, if the coach is that terrible & that much of an idiot, it's not worth playing for him. I bet you can find a much better team to play for.

Man, if only you threw up in his general direction...

But only if his mother was a hamster and his father smelled of elderberries.

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It physically hurts me that no one is getting 9's reference.

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I believe the original line was "i fart in your general direction!" You son of a silly person!

Okay that seriously reminded me of the French guy in monte python... "I fart in your general direction" or "I blow my nostrils at your general direction"

Weak leaders make weak followers. Go find yourself a good coach who actually cares for their team OP.

that sucks , but if you can run two hours you can make any team ! cheer up OP

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#88 - Well, if you are going to do that, then at least capitalize the "I" in "Sorry, I just had to."