By eww - Austria - Vienna
Today, I was at a big family reunion at my aunt's place. Before dinner, I went outside in the garden for a smoke. Through the kitchen window, I saw my cousin spit in the soup. Twice. My aunt patted his back and continued stirring. FML
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  bmwguy01  |  8

39- but to think that coincidentally Op saw the act the only time that has happened is unlikely. Op has probably ate/drank spit before:/

plus that is unbelievably boric and disgusting!!!!!


I think what she means is it would have been worst if OP never saw this happening because then OP would have eaten the soup like everyone else, unaware of what was "spit" into it.

  Llama_Face89  |  33

I think 3 meant that it would have been worse if, after eating the first batch of soup, OP noticed the kid spitting in a second batch. While they wouldn't have known if the first batch had been similarly treated, the possibility would be there.

  Fml_FTW228  |  10

That's funny...

If you're American/English #2's username comes up as "yoursucklives" when it should be "yourlivessuck" but the syntax transfer from Austrian to English translated it to have the incorrect order.

(if you're English)

  Tali147  |  16

Maybe the soup spitting is a family tradition. OP isn't upset that the soup was spit in, but that it was supposed to be their turn and the aunt played favorites. That would upset even the best of us...

  perdix  |  29

You're right, but in Austria, they don't think the Soup Nazi is very fucking funny at all. Expect a lunatic fringe that snaps their heels together, holds out their 3 dollars at arm's length and declares "Soup, heil!"

By  darwinism  |  30

When you sit down to dinner, wait until your cousin has eaten a few mouthfulls and then whisper in their ear "oh, I forgot to mention I have a real bad, itchy rash on my crotch. I wouldn't use that spoon if I were you. That's not croutons floating in your soup".

Just fill up on bread OP.