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Today, my grandparents came over for a family dinner. I'm somewhat overweight, and my grandma kept making sound effects in time with me doing pretty much anything. When I complained to my dad after she made a long farting sound as I sat down, he told me to suck it up. FML
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When she has a stroke and they ask you to call 911 just tell her to suck it up

make sound effects to what he does and see how he likes it. as for your grandmother, next time she complains about something related to her age, tell her to suck it up.


When she has a stroke and they ask you to call 911 just tell her to suck it up

While my automatic impulse is to agree with you, I think we should all realize that yes, grandmothers and just elderly people in general day horrible things, it's more of a breakdown in social verbal filters as they age then what we would call deliberate rudeness. My grandma tells me I should lose weight before I wear certain things (and she would be right) but at the time, she doesn't really realize she's saying anything wrong, it's only afterward that she kind of thinks "oh I've f*cked that up haven't I" so yeah, this grandma is a bitch, (and I was going to say something like "but she probably means well" but then I rethought that.)

hate to tell you but your grandmother is nasty to you because she is nasty. do you think senility is a guarranteed part of old age or something becuase it isnt. stop making excuses for nasty old people.

imagine if the dad had told her to "suck it in" xD

#45, my grandmother was diagnosed with DEMENTIA and hasn't lost her "filters" and is very polite. She doesn't make rude comments to her grandchildren and the only thing she ever has to apologize for is falling asleep when company is over and for accidentally cussing around my little sister (And my grandma has had curse words slip ever since she became surrounded by her own children and had to watch her mouth. Let's face it, she likes to cuss, but at least she tries :) ) I'm not trying to discredit you or your grandmother. If you say that your grandmother doesn't mean it, I'm going to believe you because I don't know your grandma. But at the same, you don't know the OP's grandma. Every elderly person I know (which is a lot) is completely aware of what they're doing and saying to people. So it's very possible that OP's grandma is just a bitch. And I'm not saying "Oh, I'm right and you're stupid" because you might very well be right. We don't know. But I would like you to keep in mind that just because someone is elderly does not mean they are senile and are unaware of what they're doing. But whether OP's grandma is senile or not, her dad should've said something besides "suck it up." Sorry for the long comment and I apologize now for any spelling or grammar errors. Sometimes I use the wrong word without realizing it and sometimes the keyboard on my phone drops letters and spaces.

I hate my grandmother when I was 12 and going through a growth spurt she called me fat. I didn't talk to her for a while and stopped swimming at my cabin the rest of summer cause I was self conscious. Months later I was like my dad super tall and lean. All she said was wow did you ever grow. I still hate her for making a horrible awkward phase worse. When she's gone I'll probably smile.

make sound effects to what he does and see how he likes it. as for your grandmother, next time she complains about something related to her age, tell her to suck it up.

Or she could fish her turd out of the toilet, wrap it up and put it in her coat pocket. If she asks about it, the toilet wouldn't flush so....

I wouldn't suck it up. As that may add to the weight.

When she dies do the army death march.

Ding Dong the witch is dead!!!!

You know the rule, fat people and rich white guys are fair game for any joke. It sucks, but them's the rules.

The "rich" part was needless. White guys in general. And Christians, Jews, basically everything I am. But if I throw it back I'm "racist" or "sexist" or even "a crazy hyper-religious redneck". Society needs repair to where everyone is allowed to make fun of each other equally, because it only hurts anyone if they can't throw it back.

I'm so sorry OP. Your grandmother sounds horrible. When she's in the hospital you can do your best impression of someone who cares.

On the bright side, she isn't following you around while playing the tuba.

stop!!! i have a glandular problem!!!

Ouch :( my grandma was the nicest person ever, I could not imagine to deal with a mean grandmother... They are supposed to spoil you.. Im so sorry OP :( hope your other grandma is nicer!

Stop..... Just stop. It isn't that sad, you and OP both need to grow thicker skin, you'll need it in life.

I guess my grandmother has failed as a grandparent. I never got spoiled by her.

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Sedate her.