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By Anonymous - 30/07/2012 20:02 - Ukraine - Kiev

Today, I was walking to the movie theatre with my boyfriend, when three guys muscled over and told us to hand over our phones. My boyfriend didn't waste any time pushing past me and running like hell, leaving me in tears and almost having a panic attack. FML
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Aww dude that's horrible. First off dump your bf, and second, all the people who said you deserve it are ass holes.

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Having a boyfriend who is a man would also have been useful.


Aww dude that's horrible. First off dump your bf, and second, all the people who said you deserve it are ass holes.

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4 - no, dump him for being an insensitive, stupid, thoughtless moron. He's going on a date with her and he leaves her when these guys show up. A wuss would have just handed over his phone; this guy runs an leaves his girl crying. That's just rude.

17 - Thought about it. Yea, dump him

OP: I hit the YDI button by accident. Sorry about that. I gave you an FML too though. Anyway just subtract one from you YDI count, kthx. 17: Props. This isn't about cowardice, it's about selfishness, and I appreciate that you saw that too.

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It's the fight or flight reaction. When fear is a factor, either the individual fights or flights. Your boyfriends natural instinct was to run, its not his fault. Although that really sucks. But probly wasn't intentional for him to leave you like that

No 45. It was his fault. Let's say you were on a date. 3 thugs walk over and demand something that probably cost $200. If that's not enough, your manly boyfriend who would protect you with his life, decides to run away and leaves you behind. Would you shrug it off and "It happens." Most girls would dump his sorry ass. You probably would too. Try and look at it from OP's perspective.

45 - it's animal instinct to run and save yourself. It's human instinct to protect the ones you love. Obviously he doesn't care too much for her if he was just willing to leave her behind to save his own ass

63- really? Come on. In situations where survival is or can be perceived as compromised humans are nearly the same if not worse than animals (worse as in we do not know how to survive). Very few percentages of humanity would fight in a situation like this. It was one on three in this situation (because OP was cowering in fear). There are three strategies for stressful conflicts: fight, flight and freeze. His girlfriend froze and he ran. What do you think would have happened if he had have gone up single handed against those three thugs, who from the description are in a whole different weight class as OP's bf. I agree that she should consider letting him go but they both should have remained calmer in such a situation.

I don't get why someone could hit YDI for this, along with many other posts on this site... Someone who clicked YDI, please respond and justify yourself. I'd like to understand your point of view.

106: if you're buy yourself, yes, you'll probably run. but when you're with someone you supposedly CARE about, you dont just LEAVE them. what if those men had decided to rape OP, or worse, kill her? she got incredibly lucky in a situation that could have turned out very badly. the least he could have done was grab her hand and ran, or stopped when he realized OP wasnt with him. also, OP even said the boyfriend had to push PAST her. i dunno, seems more like a dick move to me than fight or flight instinct

Okay here Animal instinct: get away as fast as possible with no regard as to who was with you Human instinct: make sure you and your loved one both get away safely.

No one said he should have fought the 3 thugs. Obviously that would be stupid cause he wouldn't be able to take them all. But he should have been man enough to Stand by her side and hand over the phones instead of running. What if the three guys would take advantage of the fact that she's left alone and would take advantage of her too?! She got lucky.

No one said he should have fought those guys. That would be stupid cause he wouldn't be able to take all three. But he should have stayed by her side and handed over the phones. Instead he ran away and left her with 3 random guys. What if they would also take advantage of the fact that she's left alone and would take advantage of her? He chose to be a coward. She got really lucky

Oh come on, really? You people are always giving support to people with anxiety, phobias and other irrational behaviour, but the second a man doesn't step up and protect his girlfriend and does something equally as panicky and stupid it's because he's an asshole... Sorry but only the guy will know the reason for his reaction, your assumptions mean dick in the real world.

17- handing over the phone doesn't make him a wuss. It's 3 on 1 after all. I would hand over our phones. Specially, since I have my lady with me. I wouldn't want something bad happening to her in case I can't handle three guys.

129 summed that up pretty good. But FYL OP because your BF went a but farther then the "flight" reaction.

I bet he thought she was behind him. That's no reason to dump him though. seriously some girls have such high standards but guys aren't fearless. get scared of shit too. the point of a relationship is that tey stick together. if op saw her bf running she should follow

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45- Tell that to OP's dad and see what happens.

To my original post (106) since apparently its too long for anyone to read my conclusion. I never said I agree with his actions just that they both should have remained calmer. And there were many people who were implying he should have took the thugs on. In my opinion he should have turned the phone over (so he could stay by OP and make sure she doesn't get raped) but by your guys' standards that would make him a "wuss". Its just impossible to know what was actually going through his mind and her mind. The issue with these FMls is that "unimportant" info gets dropped and other info gets exaggerated. I highly doubt he actually pushed her out of the way because that is not normal in a flight reaction which ks to take the path of least resistance.

So what you're saying OP is you're incapable of a proper fight or flight response? That's unfortunate, but don't blame your boyfriend for making a good decision. I wouldn't fight three guys at once for myself, let alone a woman that isn't my mother, daughter or wife. That's near suicide for most people.

So what you're saying OP is you're incapable of a proper fight or flight response? That's unfortunate, but don't blame your boyfriend for making a good decision. I wouldn't fight three guys at once for myself, let alone a woman that isn't my mother, daughter or wife. That's near suicide for most people.

Why didn't OP run? That's probably what the boyfriend assumed she was doing. Besides, nothing's to stop her from running once she's seen him take off. They really should split up anyway. Furthermore, running away is no less helpful than standing there crying. I doubt either thought about what they were doing at all until long after.

What else could he do? Just hand over their phones? It was dumb of OP's boyfriend to push her down, but OP should have gotten up and ran with him. Why didn't the OP run along with him? She couldn't get up?? OP You're an idiot. So is your boyfriend.

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#129 THANK YOU!!! someone finally realized that!!!

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Last fall I was at a haunted house and a guy with a chainsaw jumped out at the couple ahead of us. The guy yelled to the girl that they'd run past him on the count of three. He shouted one, then took off in the other direction, leaving his girlfriend trapped against the wall with the chainsaw guy. Reminded me of this. I don't think he got another date, and neither should this guy. OP should go for a guy that's actually in possession of his own balls.

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In trying to think of a situation in which 3 guys approach a couple to take their phones specifically (and not a wallet or a watch or something) in a movie theater which would have loads of other people in it, I could only imagine that OP and her boyfriend were using their phones during the film and either annoyed patrons or theater security told them to hand them over.

186 - Learn to read. They were walking TO the theater.

Okay what ur saying is kinda true but at the same time u don't just leave her. Like think of she was ur mother and 3 guys came up to u and said give me ur money ur just going to leave ur mother hanging and run!? No, of ur going to run take her with u and ya ppl are saying he's an asshole but at the same time there saying that because something bad could have happened to her but luckily she's safe and OP before u dump him asking y he did that of he has a good reason witch I don't think he has don't dump him but if he doesn't dump him. Just follow ur heart OP.

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This is where having Batman as a boyfriend would be useful.

I don't know if that's the best super hero for this situation. Considering batman's past he could've just stood there looking at his gf get mugged, traumatize over the experience and then hunt down the men one by one. The cellphones would be long gone by that time...

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This is where having chuck Norris as a boyfriend is useful lol

Lol thank you 18 I was wondering what to replace batman with. Chuck Norris would be best for this situation :-)

reallytho3 11

Lol no problem. Friendly neighborhood black guy at your service :)

Batman? movies? Careful don't get shot.

Trisha_aus 15

50- Poor Batman had nothing to do with the shooting. It was bad enough the joker brought him down mentally, emotionally and bane hurt him physically, cat woman ****** him financially, now you associate him with a massacre? It was unfortunate that an idiotic psycho went berserk and shot innocents but Batman had nothing to do with it, it's a brilliant film, and even Christian Bale went to see the victims.

Trisha_aus 15

16 - but he's not a hero, he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector...a dark knight. Plus he's a billionaire and owns cool stuff..perfect boyfriend.

I always thought of batman as a straight up G, while superman is nerdy, like if you roll up with regular batman then you're looking cool, regular superman, kind of stupid.

unknown_user5566 26

Sinamoi- A plain ol' ninja for a boyfriend would be useful, too. So, uh, what're you doin' later? ;)

tehaustiebear 34

He's not a very good ninja, I see him right there. Hah.

Sinamoi 18

No, you've never seen me. I can kill you in 562 ways with a toaster and make it look like a pregnant hamster did it. I am not to be triffled with.

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All while eating a ham sammich

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Maybe he'sba superhero and ran off to an alley to change into his costume?

Redoxx_fml 22

Or Spiderman. Everyone gets one.

Trisha_aus 15

92 - not anymore, and she was a bitch! At least cat woman only ****** with him financially.

Having batman as a boyfriend is always useful

Uh, how you can you talk about Batman with such little actual knowledge (except for you, 58 - I thumbed). (Spoilers!) He doesn't end up with Talia, and Selina doesn't **** him financially, they fall in love and have little bat-babies. And hello?! Whilst Batman truly has no powers. He beats the shit out of dozens of thugs with his bare hands - cargo scene in Batman Begins? He's the perfect hero to have in that situation!

26- if your black why isn't ur picture of KFC not mc D

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Having a boyfriend who is a man would also have been useful.

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Yeah that guy need to have his man card revoked. At least he should of negotiated a deal like, he'll give up his phone as long as they let her keep hers.

You sure on that 11? What if the guy has the latest "igalaxy droid neo 4Gs HD ultra cloud" thingy and she has a shitty Nokia?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

If he would have done what I said it'd be a fml from his perspective. But he'd have something that's apparently missing in his pants. Two little things I call balls.

Two little things which would probably have gotten crushed by the three guys. I mean, honestly, if they're going to go out of their way to mug a couple, they're not intending to jack just one phone. Sure, the boyfriend is a ball-less, dickless douche but let's not be stupid either. Three thugs aren't just going to say "Oh, OK, we could perfectly also take your girlfriend's phone too but, since you asked, we'll let her keep it". Realistically, they'd beat the boyfriend up a bit for being too arrogant and still take both phones.

shagoon 2

Maybe he left to go get help?

I don't think she would of written this fml then.

It was a joke, obviously he/she knew the boyfriend didn't leave to get help because it wasn't mentioned, and if it was this wouldn't be a FML.

53, jokes are meant to be funny, and that wasnt funny at all

TeddyB88 4

They are the ones that are too stuck up to laugh at life's mishaps and will die before the rest of us. Not everything in life is meant to be taken so serious guys. Now she has a story to tell and s reason to dump him. Lesson learned. Damn y'all stay pmsing over a little joke

Wow, what a wonderful boyfriend. He could have at least told YOU to run while he 'takes care of them'. Sorry, OP.

Right, him against three thugs who were in a whole different weight class. Guess who would have ended up in a hospital and who wouldn't be even touched. I'm not saying I agree with what he did but him taking them all on would be unwise as well.

6 - That is so totally right. The boyfriend is an asshole for leaving her alone against three guys he probably didn't have a sliver of a hope against. Instead, he probably should have gotten the opposite to happen, he should have gotten ****** up while the girlfriend runs for her life. Oh, and that would naturally have made OP an angel and the boyfriend just another guy doing the normal thing.

unknown_user5566 26

What a wimp! Not just because he ran away, but also because he couldn't even think straight long enough to take you with him. I'm guessing you weren't injured, but it might be a good idea to enroll in a self-defense class. Ask your boyfriend to enroll with you, if you want to continue the relationship. Better safe than sorry!

^ I completely agree with enrolling in the self defense classes for both of them, assuming they stay together and work this out. Personally, if it was just myself, I'd most likely have either fought or ran, but if I had my wife and/or kids with me and we were seriously outnumbered like that, I'd toss them our phones, grab her arm and power walk the opposite direction at top speed. My pride's not worth more than my loved one's safety. I'd also rather be splattered than leave anyone behind. :p

I'm not sure she stayed with her boyfriend after this...

unknown_user5566 26

Draco, you seem like such a nice guy. :) I agree with you, definitely. If I had kids and was in this situation, I'd definitely comply with the muggers and get the **** out of there. It's not worth the fight in that situation.

cherry72 13

You Sir are a Man ;). I liked your response ;) no surprise you are taken.

cherry72 13

My previous response above was referring to 36 Dracoboxer. It was bumped. Just an FYI, it looked kinda outta place.

^ Kyleekay, I seem like a nice guy because I don't want my loved one's victimized physically? Most no one does, I just like to think I have Some of my big priorities in life figured out! ;D But thank you, Kay, and you too Cherry! I'm feeling all flattered here. :')

Go find a boyfriend with some balls. Any guy who would leave his girl behind like that doesn't deserve to have a girlfriend.

Well not all guys choose fight over flight. However he still could have grabbed your hand and dragged you with him.

Op's boyfriend is a bitch. A soft bitch.

KiddNYC1O 20

Lol... Soft bitch. Sounds like a stripper to me...

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A long talk won't make him stop being a coward.

31- No, but training and conditioning may help. Some people just can't handle it and panic sets in, or so I'm told. I think exposure to simulated situations like that and practice on how to handle them may help a lot.

That may be true, but the fact that he pushed his girlfriend out of the way rather than grabbing her hand says a lot about his character. I think it's in moments like these you see people for who they really are.

42- Completely agree with you. He sacrificed her safety for his own right off the hop and left her to their mercy. I think Op may be better off without him, IMHO. It seems to me he's just way too selfish/self-centered. :(

funkiemonkey15 4

#13- I'm positive a long talk with him won't make situations like that any better. I say you leave him and find some one that actually has a pair of balls

day624 14

A long talk? Hun, there aren't enough words to tell this boy how cowardly he was being.. She shouldn't have to have this talk with him anyways.. He should know better

38, Training and simulation is the right idea. It's pretty easy to train someone to be less fearful of things compared to training someone to be a good boyfriend. If his only issue is that he's easily panicked then shit, get him some self defence training, and reap the rewards of being in a happy relationship with a well rounded person.

ilymyfriends16 3

A long talk? He freakin left her there by her self!!! What if something happened to her!?