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  Roevera  |  14

That's disgusting. You go to a lingerie store and buy some women's panties, you don't throw a dirty condom in the living room waste basket. Even people that do get laid don't do that shit. If ANYTHING just leave the condom wrapper!

  sens3sfailing  |  24

Not really, I tried it to practice because I'm still a virgin and in a relationship that has been going on for a year and getting pretty intimate, and i want to make sure I know how to safely put it on and take it off when used so I am prepared for the special moment, but I hid the condom in my bedroom trash, I'm not looking to show off

  cuzo13  |  5

Hear that "whoosh"? That was the sound of that joke going right over your head.

  pmr1990  |  12

Yeah, checked his profile, he is 16. I'm 100% positive that this player hasn't had sex with anyone in any clubs. However, I'm sure Jill gets a thorough working over.

  FMLshark  |  12

10: Believe it or not, hooking up from random skanks at clubs doesn't sound appealing to EVERY man. I know. The idea of a guy not whoring around is APPALLING, right?
57: A majority of people who use "virgin" as an insult are...ironically enough, also virgins. Please don't write me a detailed response trying to prove me your awesome sex life with your imaginary girlfriend, it won't work.

That's all for today.

  perdix  |  29

#10, it can be hard to pick up girls at clubs. You have to have smooth lines, nice clothes and money to liquor them up into a stupor.

If the OP wants to accomplish his goal, he can dress up as a girl and go on down to the truck stop and offer free blow jobs. He will undoubtedly be able to rid himself of his v-card.

  Lucky1990  |  1

Well for some people it is. I found out it wasnt but beofre that just the idea of going out and picking up a girl to bring home was scary to me. So yes it's kinda easy...but its hard at the same time.

By  IOmnomHard  |  10

No one cares if you're getting laid. Seriously, sex isn't something to be 'proud' of. It's something that happens when it happens. Having it won't prove yourself to anyone.

  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

It's the importance and 'cool' factor that's placed on it these days. Example being the common "you need to get laid" and the fact that being a virgin is something that isn't exactly regarded to very highly in the Western world. Everyone wants experience in sexual intimacy. There isn't anything wrong with being a virgin or not being one, but that's what the popular opinion is.

  doodlecloud  |  26

Obviously that's why OP has felt pressured into doing this but 11 was saying it shouldn't be that way, that way of thinking isn't right and a good number of us don't actually care.