By knolan - 20/07/2011 04:40 - United States

Today, I found out my boyfriend has checked every girl he has ever slept with for 'vagina teeth'. I'm apparently no exception. FML
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he doesn't want to be bit durr lol

you should be more scared of penis teeth 0_o

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lol where would the teeth be?

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So I'm assuming you passed the test then right? right?!

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44 - Seriously...? He has a girlfriend, hes obviously not interested in anal...

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ummm...not only gays r into anal.

cuz anal sex with your gf is gay...congratulations 44, you win the stoopidest comment of the day award!

#50 if you're a girl you're in for a shock.. Plenty of straight men like anal..

So you win the "stoopidest" award 56. Congrats.

The consequence's will never be the same!

@50: Don't you mean a 'shocker'? Two in the pink, one in the stink, am I right?

Eww anal is not an alternative. Do you know what comes out of that hole?!?! That's sodomy, you know. And, plus, there might be teeth there too!! lol

I'm pretty sure 44 was just joking..and actually there's a lot of straight men who enjoy prostate stimulation

I don't like shit in my rectal cavity, and I'm straight if you know what I mean (; Besides, if a girl has a wizard's sleeve, I'm going to be checking for all kinds of weird shit.

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I don't blame him if he just watch the movie teeth! lol. ****** dentita

104, why wouldn't we know what you mean? What the **** else could we get from 'I'm straight'?!

"I don't like shit in my rectal cavity" =D

Better safe than sorry. Did he also check for "pillowpants"? That's the sneaky, dangerous one. lol

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Suprise buttsecks. the best thing you never knew you needed.

Dude...then he has to worry about the worst kind of teeth: ass teeth

Sorry thought it said greeksaresexy but it said geeksaresexy.

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he should have checked your bathroom for a toothbrush that smells like fish

you're right. it's not an alternative, it's the primary method.

Get your ******* male genetalia out of my rectum.

Well yeah. He's worried you have a penis fly trap.

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At least he's paying attention to your vagoo, OP. A lot of guys won't even bother to touch it, let alone check for teeth.

well at least it doesn't look like an old man and a hat

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why the thumb downs for funny comments? stupid christians

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Then I guess me and my girlfriend "sodomize" every day. Btw, that's not the definition.

teeth is a traumatizing movie. being a dick doesn't mean you should lose yours...

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I'm surprised nobody mentioned it before. Nit a well known film, I pressume...

#243 don't you dare to insult a religion, you are the stupid one here

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Comment removed by cyber police lmao

Someone isn't aware of female masturbation tools.

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I thought everyone did that...

it's totally smart he doesn't want his junk bitten off one day while getting it on :)

Go watch "Teeth" and then maybe you'll understand.....?

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I thought it was pussy trolls you have to check for...

teeth is a wrong movie! so wrong! I cried a lil....

you gotta watch out for both, the troll and the teeth. goes to show women are dangerous. handle with care

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watch the movie teeth, and you will understand why he does this

I never watched Teeth. I heard of it tho... is it any good to watch? :s

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not really. you might get a laugh if you like scary movie or that genre of movies though

You guys don't understand. He's just checking for a penis fly trap.

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Actually my BF was once shown a uterus with an entire set of uppers and lowers. It's the same tissue as your gums, but i don't think he could see that far OP!

they actually do sell v "teeth" that are like clamps that the woman puts in there. it's like a bear trap. so if some rapeman comes he'll only have one go ;) not kidding

I heard the movie teeth was a strange movie

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this guy never paid attention to the movie. they only bite if she wants them to!!! DUH

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uhmm. hate to be the retard here but what are we talking about......?

lol, yup, I laughed n thought of the movie Teeth

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I believe they made a documentary about this condition.

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It means no wiener, for the rest of your days. It's a penis free, girl cavity, ****** dentata!

****** Dentata, you can never be too careful! Heck, ever seen one with teeth, let alone braces?

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but how do you check? losing a finger doesn't sound fun either... guess he uses a lil dental mirror? lol

Age-old wisdom says: if you don't want to touch it; poke it with a stick.

I take it he's too scared to have a *******?

Oh I'm sure he can conquer his fear of that ...

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how is hr scared of a *******? since s ******* is done thru the mouth not a ****** -.-

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Apparently 187 doesn't have teeth in her mouth to understand why he would be afraid of a *******.

.....see her picture? See her smiling? ....Those are teeth right there. Teeth. (...unless it's not her)

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wtf is ur problem? this is not my fml