The betrayal

By poopiter - 27/07/2013 18:31 - United States - Grand Junction

Today, I finished off the last of the BBQ chips in the house. When my 6-year-old sister found out about it, she started screaming, then pulled down her pants and peed on the kitchen floor. My parents, after witnessing the whole thing, bitched me out for upsetting her. FML
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Well we know what their priorities are. And who's the favorite.

Kids these days are so easy to... Piss off.


Well we know what their priorities are. And who's the favorite.

alexwow1 13

Dude your dister is freaking hilarious

You misspelled duster. I always chuckle at my mop's jokes, but my duster has a really dry sense of humor. Not my style.

alexwow1 13

Ment to spell sister and it sucks that your parents did it

Mint* I like those too; particularly spearmint flavor.

@#6, how do you know number 1 has a dister?

The same way he knew OP's parents ****** a mint. ;)

6- Do tell, how is pitching a fit and taking a leak on the floor hilarious?

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ya ops parents do favor and its completely unfair and rude. sorry op :(

Alexwow - I see you're new here, so please let me give you some advice. 1) Spell shit properly. 2) Don't post your stupid comment under #1 just so it gets seen. That's called threadjacking and being an attention *****. 3) Don't correct a past comment by making more mistakes. It only makes you look more foolish. Got it? Good. I do this because I care and because I'm a nice ******* guy.

Yeah. Listen to DocBastard. He's a doctor. Doctors are always professional and correct. Oh wait... No... They're not. This site taught me that... :( But he's a nice guy...

Dude did you know read a former FML about this ladies visit to the gynecologist? That guy definitely was not professional.

Hence "they're not, this site taught me that."

Life and having to see tons for medical conditions has taught me that. Be glad if you never have to see one. And I'm sorry if some people are naive enough to believe otherwise, but in my lengthy experience, all doctors are bastards.

I'm pretty sure Alexwow, that OP is most likely HAPPY that her parents did it.

as if a joke or pun never backfired on any of your comments

Your parents need new parenting lessons, Op that in no way is your fault!

SwaggCapone 11

And to think this is our future generation. We're doomed

bobak_can_ani 7

You said it! I already feel sorry for the society 20 years from now.

Zimmington 21

I hate reading FMLs about young people sometimes because of comments like 76 & 95. Every generation has It's **** ups and losers get over it. Who is going to flip our burgers, clean our floors, take our orders, pick up our garbage, and wash our cars until they retire? Stop trying to blame everything on "the new generation"!!

SwaggCapone 11

I'm pretty sure if I did that my parents would've knocked me flat on my ass.

Zimmington 21

128- So would mine. There's good parenting and bad parenting you can't just blame it on this generation.

Kids these days are so easy to... Piss off.

myoukei 31

Sounds like urine some trouble for upsetting her.

Alright, how long will you pee keeping this up?

It's oblivious that she's spoiled, or is just a brat. Probably both.

And it's *obvious* that her parents are *oblivious* to her being a brat.

AtomicDiamond87 15

Its obvious that her parents don't believe i'm discipline...

hcollins1 18

Have you heard of the term 'spoiled brat'. It would've been easier to say.

@48 it is nice to meet you discipline, I have a huge list of people that you neglected to visit while they were growling up

wow seems like everyone on this thread has a bad case of fat fingers tonight.

Ok so I spelled one word wrong. Big deal.

Llama_Face89 33

48- they don't seem to have an issue disciplining OP

93, I wouldn't say it was spelled wrong, you just used a different word.

Well that's true. I guess I was wrong again.

Nothing like a tantrum to get you through the day, eh?

br00kr 22

I take that she is spoiled rotten. I know what you feel. Every big sibling feels like that.

That's hardly fair, how come the younger siblings get all the love?

bobak_can_ani 7

I concur. I used to be the oldest brother.

razzledazzle21 23

96 - Used to be? How do you change from the being the oldest sibling?

br00kr 22

96- do you have divorced parents like mine? I'm only not treated fairly because I'm not my stepdad's child. I am still treated better than my other sisters though considering that I actually work.

flashback.miss 28

sounds like your sister... 8) has a chip on her shoulder. but seriously, hopefully they stop enabling her behaviour.

br00kr 22

It's not that she has a chip on her shoulder or even that I do it's just that she has always gotten everything she ever dreamed of and never gets in trouble lol. Same with my brother but he isn't a hypocrite that screams and cried about everything.

Relax. Chip on the shoulder was just being used as a pun :)

br00kr 22

Lol ok sometimes i take things way too seriously.

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#40, as simple as your reply may be, I loled

ohh I started giggling so hard like the schoolgirl I am.

reading over that comment I wonder if I was completely there in the head when I posted it.

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Asian parents would have whoop me with chopsticks