By ethawesome1125 - 03/11/2014 00:11 - United States - Round Rock

Today, I found a $20 bill on the ground, so I decided to pick it up. It was actually attached to a string and was meant to be a prank by some kids. They failed miserably, so I took the money. They ran up to me and punched me in the balls for taking their cash. FML
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Bunch of little *****. If you pushed/fought back you would've gotten in trouble for hitting a minor. FML indeed.

Lesson Learned, either know when to pull or use a smaller bill. Why wouldn't you use a single?


Bunch of little *****. If you pushed/fought back you would've gotten in trouble for hitting a minor. FML indeed.

Yup it was a lose-lose situation so either way it was an FML indeed

say they were trying to pick pocket you. you are the "grown up" in the situation.

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You could still put an arm down to protect your crotch

Lesson Learned, either know when to pull or use a smaller bill. Why wouldn't you use a single?

Sounds like their twenty bucks nearly bought them a knuckle sandwich.

I hope you got to keep the $20 for your pain!

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People still do the bill on a string gag?

tony1891 22

of course. but i wouldn't use a $20

It seems so wrong to me. To trick someone into thinking they are getting money is just mean. Plus it seems like a great way to get the crap beaten out of you!

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One well placed foot is all it takes.

Well if you find money and know who's it is you should give it to them. Although actually they started the prank, they should expect that someone might not want to play along.

Honestly, if you put a twenty dollar bill down on the ground outside, it shouldn't come as a shock when someone takes it.

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I have to ask what is ur profile pic of?

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#25: #8 has a picture of a blobfish as his profile picture. They are a deep sea fish.

Kids these days, they just can't lose and take their defeat as a man...

While I agree with this in principle, they're kids. What do you expect? They might be smart (or not in this case), but they aren't very experienced. Most men can't even man up nowadays, so why would kids?

Now I agreed with you until you said "most men can't even man up nowadays". Correction, immature boys can't man up. It's definitely not "most men" so let's not bring sexism into this

They didn't have a dollar bill to put on that string?

Probably figured more people would bite on a 20.

With all due respect, the money was theirs, and you had no right to take it. The string clearly indicated who's money it was, and you stole the money and deserved to be arrested for theft. Yes the trick is a bit childish... but in case you missed it, these were kids. The trick also has a moral lesson though. Just watch someone's face as they look at the bill. First they look around to see if anyone is watching (they know it isn't their money and they know it is morally questionable to take it). Then they normally try to mask their taking the money by faking doing up their shoe laces or something. Then they grab for the money. The trick is funny because both parties are doing something they know is morally questionable. The kids are making fun of someone else's flaws, and the person going for the money is being greedy and taking what isn't theirs. When the "reveal" comes both people should be able to share a laugh as equals up to no good. Instead you acted like a bully, took money that clearly wasn't yours by force, and then whined online about it. All in all I'd say you got off lightly with being punched in the balls. If they'd been stronger they could have held you down until the cops arrived and arrested you. YDI.

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You do realize this was a prank to try to get him to take the money right?

Lmfao. This is such utter bullshit. String or no string, find $20, it's yours. If you find the rightful owner and return it, props for being a good human being. The cops don't arrest anyone over taking $20 bucks off the ground. However they might detain some minors who assault someone until their parents get there.

If you tried to tell a cop that someone "stole" $20 cash that you deliberately left lying on the ground, that cop would laugh at you and walk away. However, punching someone in the balls could be considered battery.

So it is your "expert" legal opinion that any money left lying around is fair game? I regret to inform you that if you take money that is clearly owned by someone else then you are a thief. If I drop a dollar bill then it is not yours to take. It is still mine. Also, the point of the trick is NOT for someone to take the money. The point is that the money is still demonstrably the kids, hence the string. I just thought I'd give you all a heads-up in case you decide that the tips left on restaurant tables are fair game, or that when someone puts down their wallet it is suddenly fair game. Or perhaps you think that the moment someone steps away from their motorcycle it is suddenly yours to take? My goodness, I am shocked and appalled at the manner in which you CONDONE someone stealing from and bullying kids. Clearly you need a refresher course on the 7th commandment, or the legal system if you're not religious. Go and ask a lawyer and they'll tell you that not only would this get you arrested, but it would also get you put in prison for petty theft (or your local equivalent).

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Lol, you actually think the polive would come out for kids losing $20 because they were idiots? The police have better things to do. The police will do nothing but laugh at the kids for being so ******* idiotic.

if the police come out for anything, it'll be rhe kids committing battery.

#22 If these kids called the cops, because somone "stoled" their 20$ and would tell them the whole story about the prank and the person who "stoled" the 20$, I think the only thing the cops are gonna do is going to the next supermarket, buy Donuts for 20$ and share them with the kids, as a sign of goodwill, nothing more!

"frungy", are you really that stupid? no one would charge the OP for theft since it was left on the ground in public, FOR someone to take. and why should the kids get it back for pranking strangers who dont want to be pranked. just stop commenting from sounding any more dumb

Frungy… you can't be this ******* stupid. Normally, I would just say "this stupid", but you have literally baffled me with how utterly moronic you are, therefore, the intensifier "*******" needs to be used for its proper use as such. Please, PLEASE tell me that you're trolling.