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Today, I went to a big family dinner. At one point, my cousin ran up to me, sobbing hysterically, holding his crotch, and making a huge scene. Turns out that while taking a piss, he "accidentally" swatted his willy with an electric bug zapper. I can't believe I'm related to this little shit. FML
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ali671 1

Don't be such a tight ass about it


ali671 1

Don't be such a tight ass about it

coolbrony12 3

Oh come on! I was so close to first comment! Just by a few seconds too! You posted as I was finishing posting!

Agreed. I think the FML could've done without the "little shit" comment.

e_r_i_c_a 4

I agree. We weren't told how old the kid was, and assuming he's young, he might not have known better.

That "little shit" is probably a small child who doesn't know better, you asshole.

The beauty of this situation is that when this kid is older and starts dating, you can tell his dates all about how he electrocuted his junk as a child. :)

PhishloverA 14

Wouldn't you like to know 24?

This might have legit been an accident...if he peed ON the thing, the urine would've conducted electricity and zapped him. Of course this means he has really bad aim.

9inchesSoft 11

I don't see why this bothers the op. It's not like he's the one who shocked his own dick.

Yeah but OP saying "this little shit", makes it a buttload funnier.

Is cuz he is related to him and thus is gonna live with that

WeAreAHurricane 14

Tell him not to be silly with his willy.

Yea, getting ur penis hit or hurt feels like shit and it's painful. Zapping it with a bug zapper is definitely gonna suck even more. You girls cant understand. And don't go on about giving birth

Really? You're stupid enough to think electricity travels up a stream of urine.

Urine conducts electricity, are you ignorant enough to not know that all liquids conduct electricity? Please google it you idiot.

77: I think 24 is wondering how old the kid is.

kglo 7

Hahahahahahahaha. You just made my night

He mistook his dick for a fly. Bad times

I am going to assume he was peeing outside and thought it'd be a good idea. But FHL because it doesn't effect you. Your genitals are pain free!

missyj0 12

this is definitely a FHL. Don't be complaining, OP. You're not the one that got your crotch zapped.

I think it's fair to moan in instances where you are reminded how retarded your gene pool is.

I do believe this is more of a gripe than an FML

bizarre_ftw 21

Hey, some people pay good money for that!

BunchieRules 31

45 - No one could pay me enough money to get zapped there. I should know; I'm a bunchie.

i'm trying to fathom how a situtation where this could happen is possible...

I love your about me! :D That's awesome that you don't judge! GO U! :D

TehMaskedWarrior 0

That's what I was thinking.....

Is this the first time something like this has happened? Perhaps it should be less of a fear that you're related to him, but what his future relatives will be like??

Your dick is the size of a fly. FYPartnersLife

Don't be such a prick when he obviously looks up to you enough to come crying to you.

I've been trying to figure out why he ran up to his cousin instead of a parent or something. I doubt it's respect; that doesn't sound like the type of thing you want someone you respect to know about you. My guess is he thought OP was the only one who would be understanding or sympathetic aka it takes one (dumbass) to know one.

He feels like you're his sister if he would come crying to you before he goes to his parents

Aw, don't be so hard on him. He's the one who just got zapped on his crotch. Now he knows that bug zappers work on humans too, childhood is all about learning from your mistakes!

skyeyez9 24

I am picturing the boy to be under the age of 5. If he was 17 and running up to you crying hysterically and holding his crotch, then it would be awkward.

I actually pictured an adolescent when reading this FML. It makes it much more humorous, I must say. It's quite a more sad, unavoidable situation if he's a five-year-old. I feel a vital piece of information is missing to have the proper perspective on this one. Although it is in the "kids" category, if OP looks down on the guy enough to call him a "little shit," he might put the FML in the kids category whether he is or not. Mysterious... >_>