By Anonymous - / Sunday 15 July 2012 19:09 / United States - Littleton
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By  ali671  |  1

Don't be such a tight ass about it

By  ali671  |  1

Don't be such a tight ass about it

  a563  |  3

This might have legit been an accident...if he peed ON the thing, the urine would've conducted electricity and zapped him. Of course this means he has really bad aim.

  Snazzy_Snaz  |  17

Yea, getting ur penis hit or hurt feels like shit and it's painful. Zapping it with a bug zapper is definitely gonna suck even more. You girls cant understand. And don't go on about giving birth

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I've been trying to figure out why he ran up to his cousin instead of a parent or something. I doubt it's respect; that doesn't sound like the type of thing you want someone you respect to know about you. My guess is he thought OP was the only one who would be understanding or sympathetic aka it takes one (dumbass) to know one.

  CRC_101  |  30

I actually pictured an adolescent when reading this FML. It makes it much more humorous, I must say. It's quite a more sad, unavoidable situation if he's a five-year-old. I feel a vital piece of information is missing to have the proper perspective on this one. Although it is in the "kids" category, if OP looks down on the guy enough to call him a "little shit," he might put the FML in the kids category whether he is or not. Mysterious... >_>


Today, at a bar, I overheard two attractive men speaking in French. I went over and tried to introduce myself with what little French I know. They looked at me like I was crazy and then said in English, "What are you doing?" Turns out they weren't speaking French. FML

By TwirlyWhirl / Monday 9 November 2015 08:17 / United States - Cincinnati
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