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Today, one of my dorm-mates started laughing at a bra hanging to dry in our bathroom. She thought it was hilarious that a college student would still have "such small, baby tits." It was my bra. FML
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You'll age better than a more busty woman, don't worry about it OP.


You'll age better than a more busty woman, don't worry about it OP.

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Gravity resistance is certainly something to cherish. Also, baby ****? I hope I wasn't the only person who was hit with a less than favorable image in their mind.

30 - Don't worry, you weren't the only one

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Depends on your affinity for babies.

I'll say it. That sucks that you don't have a nice set. And not all **** sag. My girlfriends are big and perky. But still I'm sorry, just kick her ass at life and become hella successful! It will show her. good luck OP!

Don't worry OP a lot of guys actually like small boobs. And besides if you've got an nice ass or a cute face or you know... an awesome personality it doesn't matter.

Should've told her that it's hilarious that certain college students still have the maturity of eighth graders.

Just cause they are perky doesn't mean they won't cause her problems down the line. It's hard on your back.

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What a little bitch.. Dont worry op. small boobs are great and dont Get in the way of things....^^ big boobs are a nuisance. :L

A small dagger is dangerous in the hands of a well trained ninja.

We all come in different shapes and sizes, which is perfectly normal. People who don't realize or accept this are living in a fantasy world. I bet your friend regularly compares herself to models in magazines, hence why she has such a shallow concept of humanity.

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Hey, more than a handful is a waste. Remember that. The rest is just useless fat on your chest.

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Amen 89. I have been knocking stuff over with mine lately (oh hormones which cause sudden size increase fun). I'd much rather have my small **** back thanks!

Mine are annoying. Some of my favourite tops and dresses no longer fit me :(

I think they are better also Ike em smaller they seem firmer and a whole lot nicer

dont worry OP, not all of us females can have D's (;

58 is dead right. Ass, face and personality are all more important than tit size. All **** are good (except for the ridiculously big melons that have veins and stretch marks).

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4- that's ironic that your name is jizzworld

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My friend's sister actually did this to some people. I always wonder how many babies she indirectly created

I would thumb your comment up, but there are 69 likes. Here's a verbal thumbs up.

Ugh I hate narrowed minded people like her. Not every girl can have big D cups. Don't worry about it OP. At least you won't have back problems in the future.

Sound a little must have some itty bittys yourself

better than having an itty bitty brain 32...

Because every one has a giant pair of **** in college.

I had an A cup before my baby, and now I'm a C-cup. Personally I think that smaller boobs are better. I can't wait until they go back to normal!

I don't care about the size of women's breasts. As long she has a nice body in general I would completely satisfied with that.

29, those are valid factors yes, but I just talked about looks only because that's what the FML is about.

Your pic makes me laugh. Of course you don't care about breast size! Kids don't have breasts. Pedobear. :P

29-What you said is true but a girl having a nice body does not hurt. If she has a nice personality and a nice body you hit a jackpot.

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29- You're right, I mean, it's not like you have ever been interested in anyone at least partly due to physical appearance. Of course not! I mean, if you care about appearance at all, even just general care of yourself, you're obviously a vain, vapid, shallow, chauvinist. Thanks for being so enlightening.

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Calm down, all you guys saying he's some shallow chauvanistic pig. I'm a girl, and I totally believe in liking someone for their personality, but it's pretty much a fact that if there's no physical attraction there, it's not happening. I'm not saying that all girls should look model gorgeous if they want a guy to notice, I'm just saying there has to be SOMETHING there. Even just generally taking care of yourself, staying healthy. And you girls that are all indignant, honestly, if it were reversed, you're about the same way. A guy could have the coolest personality ever, but if he is really chubby, has a bunch of acne, or some other type of physical problem, you prolly wouldn't like him either. So chill on the accusations alright?

Well at least you can walk without your chest weighing you down...... No extra luggage

Ikr OP it is okay I didn't even wear a cup bra till 9th grade unlike everyone one else who did in 4th grade

She can join me in the itty bitty titty committee :D I like being tiny, people always complain about having D-cups.

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Draw on her face while she's sleeping;D

Don't worry. Not only is she probably just insecure, but you'd be VERY surprised at the amount of people that don't mind and like small breasts!

In one of those people what? You never finished your sen

*Points out that he enjoys all breast sizes equally on woman.* I think bigger isn't better per say, just appealing for different reasons to different people. I don't see an A cup woman as "lacking" in womanly appeal when compared to a D cup. I for one am happy there is such a variety in sizes and appearances, if everyone was always a C cup, they'd be common place and boring. Yay for small and large boobs everywhere! ;)

My boyfriend is one of those people!! Thank god! Haha. I have small ones and he wouldn't want it any other way

Me. And anyway, far too many girls with big boobs think that's all they'll ever need to get everything they want in life and can get away with being a useless bitch in every other respect. Seems like your housemate may be one.

That's ok we can be part of the itty-bitty titty committee together:P

Ha i like that it rhymed :)... Sorry I'm immature :P

20, there is nothing immature about commenting about rhyming. You're good. :P

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haha that's from what movie, 27 dresses or someshit ? ahha don't ask why ik that

There is nothing wrong with that. Actually I have a thing for that :P